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Dave Chappelle Got Huge


No, but better..



Well shit, good for him.


Is it racist if I'm doubtful that it's him because they both look alike?


Cocaine is a helluva drug.


Frankly, I don't want to see Dave Chappelle more muscular. The image I have of his skinny old self matches perfectly with his comedy.


In before the mainstream media starts accusing him of steroids. LOL


Gee, I don't see a difference. Everyone looks a little bigger in a tank top.


Whats crazy is all he does is play basketball and do some pushups.


whats crazy about it? he looks like someone who plays basketball and does pushups, not a serious weightlifter


is that what you call huge. bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


I know, right? Go ahead, show them some more pics of you to show em how it's done!!


Comeon now, I know deep down you agree with me. lol.


^^Did you actually read the OP?

"Dave Chappelle Got Huge"
no, but better...

the title was an attention grab and he says in the OP that he isnt huge, just better than he was before.


Remember what happened to Joe Piscopo


He's around a similar size to the mighty Bruce Lee. My bad though we don't talk negativly of him.






He looks like he gained about 30 to 40 grams of pure solid muscle.


See, if other T-Nation members had the discipline to stick to a steady regimen of Zercher squats, they too could enjoy the same results as Mr. Chappelle!


HAHA! Yeah, he became unfunny.