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Dave Batista!




[quote]tamaral wrote:
Hi, coach. I would like to know what type of rutine would you recommend me for a body likee Dave Batista’s, combining a huge strenght with enough muscle, it seems to work with Weider but his power look is incredible, thanks.[/quote]

I recommend selecting your parents to have his genetics that combine being tall with a super wide clavicle and also a predisposition to easily add muscle while being lean.

And training super hard for 20+ years like he did would not hurt either.

Seriously you can’t train to “look like someone”. We all have our own genetic predispositions. And while we can affect our look by emphasising certain muscles, a Doberman will always be a Doberman, no matter how hard he tries he’ll never turn into a pitbull. All you can do it work to maximize the way YOU look.