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Dave Barr: Anabolic Index Question


Mr. Barr, I just had a quick question on the timing of the AI. Not sure if you covered it and I just missed it, but with regard to meal spacing, or more specifically, protein spacing, what is optimal? 2 hours? 3hours? 4 hours? Also, is there a certain amount of protien that is required to have the desired effect. In other words, will eating 5 grams be as good as 10, as good as 20, 30 or 40 etc... Thanks



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Bump. Come on you're not hungover are you?



awesome question- i feel like Mr. Barr answered this in his presentation, but my brain was to overloaded with info to pick it up.


I know that Dave has me eating protein every two - three hours if that helps any. Try going to his website and sending him an email.



Wow sorry for the delayed reply, I just saw this thread.

Sadly, I have to give the dreaded "it depends" answer. Seriously, you can imagine how complicated the issue gets with the various foods we eat, our goals, training styles etc.

That's why I feel that an entire book needs to be written on the subject.

For now it's easiest, and effective, to maintain the standard 30-40g protein every 2-3 hours.

BTW-I wasn't hungover, but I did sleep for 14 hours straight when I got home. :stuck_out_tongue:


i had an idea that this question would be to big, and probably not enough info is known to just say 30grams of protien every hr, etc. especially after listening to your presentation in DC. cant wait till your book comes out, will it be available on this site or yours?


Exactly, I knew you would skirt the question. :wink:

Get on to writing your book so that we can finally know exactly what to eat when to eat it, and how much at each meal. Cause if I don't know exactly how to perfectly do it, then I might as well not do it at all and i'll just eat three huge meals from Mcdonalds every day and blame it all on you.





So that's different from normal??? :slightly_smiling:

I assume you must be busy, you haven't set up as many forums lately. Is your book near completed or is it years away?


I'm interested in what Dave Barr defines his Anabolic index as. I've heard "Anabolic" defined in many different contexts and homeostatic balances. Is it a testosterone/cortisol ratio, muscle/fat gains ratio, lipo-oxidative index based on the work of the late Emanuel Revici, or is it something different?

Anyone able to fill me in here?




I want to have the book available at as many places as possible. T-Nation would certainly be a great place to offer it!


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After swearing off research forever, I decided to get hooked up in a lab again. I always seem to pick the labs that don't allow you to have a life...

The book should be finished in 2 months. The more people I tell this to, the more people I'll piss off if it's NOT done. That's good motivation.


In the strength training world we've bastardized the term "Anabolic" to refer strictly to muscle growth -and I've been happy to perpetuate this with The Anabolic Index.

You'll get more info in the Test Fest review, but I'm using both protein synthesis data and muscle hypertrophy data. I like the idea of using end points as opposed to hormonal fluctuations etc.