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Daunting Iron Journey!


Hey guys, I recently started a training log here at T-Nation or T-Muscle whatever its prefered mostly as. I dont post around to much in these forums, however as of lately I have started to post and am looking forward to lots of critique and advice. I read all the articles reguarly and frequent the forums. Though I am 15 I dont believe myself as beginer though I still have
lots to learn

Heres the link to my Training log


Includes a Video

Thanks guys.


Thanks for announcing that..I guess.

You made a training log in the right place, but you made another thread advertising it in a forum already failing with shitty threads.

I guess "young people being idiots" is becoming common on these boards. Quit making us under 23 crowd look bad.


Wow. I thought this website's forum members were helpful. I posted here so I could get critique on weightlifting not wether or not im making you look bad. So what if theres already shitty threads do you have to post and tell me this useless information totally irrelevant to my initial post?

If and When I make mistakes MOST HELPFUL people will call me out and tell me whats right and what to change thats how I learn and how most people learn. This is called critiquing. If you believe I'm so called making this randomely picked demographic of under 23 look like idiots than keep that to yourself and dont post here in this thread.