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She is 2 1/2 years old and is driving me nuts. She gets into everything I figured as she got older it would stop,but no it has gotten worse. My son was never like this.

She gets into everything. She has drank or eaten everything(fuel injector cleaner,Bengay etc…) She tears everthing up, throws her food, pitches a fit all the time when she does not get what she wants.

I am about to pull my f*#@in hair out!!!

sorry i had to vent somewere.

I’m going to go make sure my wife took her pill today.

Spank her. always stopped me.

I was that type of kid. My mom always got worried whenever I wasn’t screaming and yelling because she knew I was off somewhere disassembling something, generally electrical. My mom also got several tickets for me being out of my carseat because fairly early on, I figured out by watching her how to unlock the damn thing… I caused $1000 worth of damage to the electrical system of her car when I was 2. I loved pulling apart anything with electricity. When I wasn’t doing anything like that I was running around screaming banging stuff with a stick. Good times. My mother had to put up with a lot of shit. hehe- It’s tough job, good luck.

First of all if she gets into everything that is your fault for not either putting things out of her reach or locking cleaners etc away. Re the tantrums ‘time out’ works well, have a dedicated room to put her in that she cannot wreck and leave her there, explain that her behavior is unacceptable and leave her there to cool off. A smack, as opposed to smacking, is ok but only with your hand.
I will ask my wife for some books to help.

I does not matter if ya put stuff away. That is were she gets it. She climbs up in the closet or where ever. She is a handful. I luv her to death she is jsut a little trying at times. My son watches here do all this crap and then he tells on her. LOL

After reading this, I’m getting a vasectomy like, uh, yesterday.

How do you discipline her? just wondering.


I can sooo relate! My son came first. He was so easy that we thought we could write books on good parenting. He tricked us! While we were busy patting ourselves on the back, our daughter comes along. She is an absolute hurricane on legs! She won’t eat ANYTHING we prepare for her (my son eats what we eat, very diverse palette), but she will eat the pages out of our nicest coffee table book, napkins, cardboard. SHe is just so high maintenence it is maddening. She is the same age. She just turned 2 in January. Actually, the last two months have gotten a lot easier since her speech is so improved.

The first time we got pregnant I was taking some supplements that supposedly rendered me infertile, and my wife was on the pill. The second one we planned. The third one I just found out about last Sunday is arriving some time in November… We were on the pill again, and at 35 with a very full time stressful job, two kids and a 14 year old relationship with my wife, we aren’t exactly like rabbits if you know what I mean. This child is a true miracle child. A one in a million chance! We were debating about my vasectomy since January, planning on cutting it off at 2! If you are sure you are done, you know what you need to do… Just do it!

Good luck. I feel your pain!

JP that is exactly my 2 year old she turned 2 in december. She is a wild one. We can discipline her now because she has some understanding of what she is doing.

Goldberg she sits in time out most of the time. Anything more then that and she can’t comprehend. If I spanked her I would not admitt it on a public forum because the liberals would freak.

The big “V” plan on it 4 like a year. Even took materinity off my insurance.

FP u r the 2nd person I know in the last week has had a surprise. Congrats on the little one. I just hope I am not the 3rd. That would be exspensive.lol

Oh my fucking god. Don’t tell me you are afraid of the “forum liberals”. Fuck 'em.

I have a seven year old son and have been told by many a person that he is the most respectful and well behaved child they’ve ever encountered. They ask about my parenting style and assume he’s one of those “angel children”. Wow, are they ever wrong. As you may be able to gather, I have a rather strong personality - his is almost stronger. Any “devil child” out there has nothing on him. With one small exception: From the age of 8 months (when he started walking) to the age of 4, I disciplined the shit out of him. I strongly felt that I needed to get a handle on him from the get-go or the next 18 years would be hell. You know what? He is now one of those “angel children” - and I attribute it all to the fact that I beat him three times a day whether he needed it or not. Now all I have to do is give him the “mom glare” or say the word “One” (three equals a beating) and he jumps to obey. He will question me, and I’m OK with that, as long as he’s obeying in the process of questioning me.

Without the STRONG discipline/domination from an early age, he’d have been where your daughter is now - and where she’ll be in 5 years if you don’t be a man and take control of your home. Who the fuck is going to let a 2 year old run the house but a pussy? This is not necessarily an insult to you (well, it is - and a wake up call), but this is something you have the power to change. Quit your bitching and do something about it.

Hate me, flame me… Fuckin’ whatever. The proof is in his behavior, his respectfulness, his loving and giving heart, his grades, and his leaping into my arms whenever he sees me to get more huggin’. You can have the same result. Do it, or bear the consequences.

Anyone who doesn’t have kids…OFF THIS THREAD NOW!..

That being said, I see the site is still giving Josh and Lowfat problems…Dr. Phil somehow got logged in as ~Karma~…they gotta fix this…

“One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. ‘Oh, no,’ I said. ‘Disneyland burned down.’ He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late”

~ Jack Handey

“and I attribute it all to the fact that I beat him three times a day whether he needed it or not.”

HAHAHAHAHA. Karma is right guys, you discipline the shit outta the kids when they’re young and you won’t have anymore troubles as they age, sure there’ll be the occasional kerfluffle but for the most part you’ll have good kids.

I remember when I was younger, my parents had a hard time potty training me. And one time that I remember specifically was this time that I was borderline diapers and toilet. So I had to poo one day, and I hated the toilet so I decided “hell, I’m gonna shit in my pants.” So when my mom wasn’t looking I snuck out into the Florida room (sun room, whatever the hell other people call it), and I closed the door, leaned my back up against it, and pushed as hard as I’d ever pushed in my life. Its funny because if anybody (non-baby) were to do that then they’d probably be considered insane. And also, to watch a baby do that would be pretty funny.

BTW, Karma, you wouldn’t happen to be a MILF would you?

Pardon my ignorance, but MH wouldn’t mean Men’s Health would it?

When I wrote this I was venting not realy asking for advice. I never said anything about my children runnin the house. One child is easy, teenagers can even do it. I spent 6 years in the corp and raised by a jarhead. No one runs this house except my wife then me.lol. My children get disciplened. But beating them is not the answer all the time. My children respect me for being a Dad, not because their afraid of me.

Karma, I certainly hope this is your attempt at humor.
A smack is a wake up call, an attention grabber, and should be followed up with words and explanation not be the end of it.
You and your wife need to control the situation not the other way around.

But she climbs up and gets things, well whoopy shit, lock the things away. Supervise the child more, take control!!!

solojobber - I can almost feel your pain. While not a parent yet myself, I saw how my brother and sister were raised. The same parents turned out two “angel children” - my brother and myself, yet my sister was the “devil child”. There are so many dynamics with parenting children (their personality, yours, their birth order, their gender, etc.) that it seems like you have no problems with one child, but can’t alter another one’s behavior whatsoever.

I was rarely, if ever disciplined. It took the mere disapproval of my parents to get me in line, if I was ever out of line. My sister was the devil compared to me.

My parents slowly adapted to my sister’s personality and now, even though you can tell that her bratty, rebellious nature is there, she’s an absolute angel of a high school student.

I’m sorry you’re going through what you are, but I have faith that you’ll figure out what it takes to make your daughter into the wonderful woman that she’s going to be.

Both kids are good. Just on opposites end of the spectrum.

My daughter just is way too curious and likes to get in everything. And she does throw fits but what kid has not. Never said I gave into them.

Some people offer advice way to soon. So please shut up. If you knew more about the situation then maybe I would listen. And half of ya don,t have kids so please go away You are like the ones who compare their pets to my kids. No clueeeeeeeeeeee.

The others E,JP,Jared,and of course Cupcake made any reply revelent to my first post except for the humerous ones.