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Dating women @work

Fellow T-men, I have recently started a new job
and, happily, I work with 100s of women! (It’s a school) Most of the guys are older and out of shape, so I’m definitely the cream of the crop here. Now there’s quite a few ladies I’d like to date, and a lot more I’d like to make love to. Problem is, I have never worked at a large workplace, and never had a chance to date or sleep w/ someone at work. I’d love for those of you who have, to please post your experiences and your “methods”. If you slept with a co-worker, how’d it happen? Did she come on to you or did you do most of the flirting? And, how far is too far when it comes to flirting? Did you date someone at work? If so, how’d it happen? Any advice, warnings? Thanx

Well, she’s now my wife…

In your case, however, I’d tread VERY lightly. From what you’ve already said, I can guarantee you’ll get a bad rep VERY quickly, and find that you can’t get date with some one new. You’ll find a select few that will be interested after that, and you probably don’t want to end up with those. In a nutshell, it usually doesn’t work. I’m just the exception.

It u’r a teacher and the women are students I highly advise you not to sleep with them or date them just a bad situation u don’t want to be in.

R there any vacancies left?

Never shit where you eat!

Don’t do it.
It will bad if you find the one for you then split up.It would be worse if you stay together. When worlds collide its not pretty.

My wife and I met at work.

We just got on well and then started going out socially to the cinema and the pub and things just progressed. I went out with a couple of other women at my old place of work before going out with her though…

I also went to school with my wife but she was in the year below me and we didn’t really know each other then…

We have been married for just over two years and now we have a little boy Callum who is 9 weeks old. We are very happy…

Go for it…

Avoid it like the plague!!! Peace, Tmofa


If you are not interested in establishing a relationship that last more than one night, STAY AWAY FROM OFFICE ROMANCES! Not only is the workplace a powder keg for litigation/sexual harassment claims, it becomes even more so the second you get comfortable with “spreading your workplace seed”…

Even if you get past legal entanglements, it will NOT take long for you to gain the reputation as the “office 'Ho”…and don’t think for ONE INSTANCE that you’ll be viewed as some kind of desirable Romeo…probably more like a disease carrying Dog…and this kind of stuff can ultimately affect your advancement and promotions.

Hey…don’t mean to bust your bubble and shrink your balls…because I can tell you feel like a Cock in a henhouse…but this is the reality of the workplace, Bro…

Uhhh NO. Just say NO>

Don’t get your meat where you get your bread.

Thanx for the responses all. Stubob-congrats to you and may your son lead a healthy and happy life. Fitone-I won’t sleep w/them, don’t worry. Brider & Mufasa- thanx for the heads up.
I know I have to tread lightly.

Thinking about dipping your pen in the company ink, eh? Personally, I wouldn’t look at the workplace as an environment to get some play, but if you met someone special, there is no harm in pursuing it. Remember, its not a singles club, and you probally won’t get more than a couple chances before no one will come near you with a forty foot pole.

 <h1> I have to agree - dont get your meat where u get your bread!

DO NOT DO IT!! Period. You may think you have died and gone to heaven but trust me do not date anyone you work with. A line from Moonstruck sums it up “don’t shit where you eat” GOT IT!

I hear ya. ther are 3 here at work i wouldn’t mind “dating”. i just can’t figure out how to do so and not look bad going from one to another, if things don’t work out.maybe just go for it and date them all at the same time.lol.