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Dating Single Mom and Bulking


Man, this is handy, especially one that's a bit older than you are so they feel like you need them to take care of you. I've got this girl, she cooks for me (and always cooks extra so I'll have plenty to eat later), if she notices I'm out of milk she'll bring more, calls me in the morning to make sure I get up in time to have a good breakfast before work...it's good for me.

I highly recommend it. Instead of going to clubs to meet girls, volunteer to referee Pee Wee football games or something. You'll catch a keeper.


Maybe you should mature more to her level rather than having her treat you like her son.

You can't honestly think that's going to go very far.


Hm, I should probably reiterate that the above comment wasn't meant as an insult. Think of it as advice from previous experiences.


F'that ride the wave. Just becareful they like to do that until they get you then switch up.


Contrl, you're right in the long term, but in the short term, I've got about 25-30 pounds to gain and I think she's going to be a big help. Plus we have a good time together, she's just very motherly.


Just make sure you're still "the man" in the relationship. Not saying you should be masochistic or anything, but women typically like to take care of men, not boys. You treat her right and she'll keep giving back. Is she hot too? That would be the perfect woman.


Well I hope you are with her for her and not for what she gives you. If you are in the relationship for the sole reason of bulking then I have absolutely no respect for you. It's a terrible thing to use someone.


That is awesome


I think your my hero


Is she hot?


Do you ever refer to her as a MILF?

That would be awesome.


Haha, actually when I met her I thought she was younger and kids/ex-husband free, so I didn't just think "Hey I bet that lady would cook me dinner, I'll ask her out." This is all bonus.


As long as the MILF isn't accidently bulking you are fine.


does she do anal? thats really what is important


Mmmm.. all this talk of MILFS and Cougars has gotten me thinking...

About p0rn!!!



Now you're talking crazy.


Do you have a kid too? For all the ways "Jerry McGuire" was a shitty movie, I tend to agree that you shouldn't fuck around with single moms. Every day you are with her while knowing you are going to end things fucks up her kids that much more. Kids these days are fucked anyways - I don't want to pay more for jails or higher insurance.


I've never seen "Jerry McGuire" nor her kids, because she's trying to avoid exactly what you described. I agree with you.


Think of the kid, her kid may get attached to you and you don't want to break a kid's heart.


I know this has been said before, but you must post pics to get anymore advice....ask your single mom girlfriend to remind you to take some and then remind you to post them....after she's brought you some milk.