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Dating a Strongman on TRT

So Im 47kg, 5’ and dating a 6’4" 147kg strength athlete on TRT and as much as I want to go to the next stage… is it normal for me to be a bit nervous about the next steps… if you catch my drift?

I want it… I like rough but thats a big difference right? Any tips or advice? :slight_smile:

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Cowgirl up baby!


hehe yeah I think Ill have too!

Certainly not groundbreaking.


reassuring though! :slight_smile:

Sure. Just remember that in situations such as this that no matter how bad it gets, we’re Strongman athletes. It’s all over in 90 seconds max and half of that will be catching our breathes (but rest assured it will be a fucking impressive 90 seconds)


I think the correlation between a man’s member and his overall size is really weak, like it isn’t correlated at all. The probability that his size is below average is about the same as being above average. Sorry if this information is a let down for you.

My point is there isn’t any reason to be concerned compared to any other dude.

Now there is valid concern if you are thinking you might be crushed if on the bottom.

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Lube. You’re gonna need lots of lube.


I have absolutely nothing to add, except I literally lol’ed at this :rofl::rofl:

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Brian Shaw said something like his girlfriends needed to be able to deadlift 315 for a couple reps or things could get messy


Well if no one else is gonna past it, I will:


What does TRT have to do with this? TRT simply brings a man’s T value to normal; it does not turn him into some sex-crazed savage, not does it yield outrageous muscular gain as many think it does.

It brings a man to normal physical and cognitive function. It’s medicine. That’s it!

Inb4: “But bro, a guy who’s natty has fluctuations in T; yours are always up.”

“But bro, like… over the course of a lifetime you might gain X more pounds than your natty potential because of TRT.”

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The catfish is strong with OP.

Spent too long listening to oilfield trash giving me lines of BS. My detector is very tuned.


I just wish I could find such a woman. I am very big and several kilometers. So big I have to drive two cars everywhere I go. And bags of money laying everywhere. Sometimes I forget how many of them I have.


According to this chick, you’ll be fine.

That’s a pheasant hunting hat.

(A male pheasant is a “cock”.). You can get those at Cabellas in season.

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Guy is 6’4, 325lbs. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was using/had a history of extra “supplementation”.

I think the prime concern is the guys sheer size, does it having a big frame correlate with being well endowed? According to literature, not particularly…

Actually there is rationale to this. If you diet down VERY lean (sub 6% BF) hormonal parameters go to shit. Cutting on mere TRT allows an individual to retain an extra 5-10lbs when shredded. In the grand scheme of things this makes quite a large aesthetic difference, particularly when stepping on stage.

Should also be noted lifestyle parameters no longer make quite as big a difference as they might have once made. Sleep deprivation, ethanol consumption, excess soy consumption, cannabis consumption etc can all drop testosterone quite a bit if such behaviours are frequent/intermediate in nature. On TRT one needn’t worry about these variables. The prospect of lifestyle mediated secondary hypogonadism is no longer a concern.

Just because a guy is at normal values on TRT during the last month of a prep doesn’t mean he has some incredible advantage over some guy with low-normal numbers. And 5 to 10 pounds is actually a very significant amount of muscle and there is no way to prove that such maintenance occurs.

The OP mentioned TRT.

I still think it’s funny -

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