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Dates P-W.O.


In doing some research i found out that dates have a GI number of 103. I figured these would be great for Post-Workout nutrition. Any opinions?

I bought some today and really think they taste like dry figs. Don't really like them too much.


5 dates also provide 3g of fiber, which usually isn't a good idea post-workout, regardless of the GI.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the main sugar in dates be fructose, which is another post-workout no-no?


Yeah, the fructose is an issue so they're not IDEAL.

BUT, if you want to go 100% natural with your diet, then they would be a good idea to eat to get a good insulin spike. You should probably have a few of them to get the insulin response, but also eat something like mashed yams or potatoes so you get something other than fructose.


People will laugh at what I'm about to say, but for the past 2 years (which I have made excellent progres during), my post workout meal has been a bowl of frosted flakes and milk, followed immediately with whey protein mixed in water. An hour later I ingest a half lb of chopped beef, sometimes with cheese and hot sauce, and some natural peanut butter (I keep this a P+F meal cuz I train at night!). If I eat anything else before bed, it's usually a little bit of cottage cheese.

I believe if you were training earlier in the day, your 1-hour post workout meal should be a high content of protein andcomplex carbs.


A post-workout meal of chicken and some sort of fruit isn't a bad idea at all - so long as you're careful about what fruit you choose. Personally, I wouldn't pick dates or bananas or apples, because they don't really give you what you want, which is a nice insulin spike. But grapes? Hey, a nice chicken breast and a bunch of grapes makes for a great change of pace. Specially if you eat it out on a veranda somewhere, overlooking some water. Makes me feel all Mediterranean and shit.

Also, I'll go out on a limb here and have a very rare disagreement with EC about the fiber thing. I think that if you're getting the insulin spike, having some fiber along with it isn't really going to impede your progress. But I'm willing to entertain arguments to the contrary, if anyone wants to present some. :slightly_smiling:


personally i think dates are great post workout. the boost in testesterone that i recieve from being with a sweet, young, 18 year old hotty really increases my pwo recovery.