Date Ideas

Jeff, Since the weather is pretty crappy, what about moving the picnic indoors? I know you are considered about having her over, but this usually works as a great ice breaker and second date.

I decided to go to the reastaurant/bar that has pool tables. It’s a really nice place.

I would need to do a hell of a lot of cleaning before I’d invite a girl to my place!

Good ideas.Since you are in Maryland,why not make a day of it and head to D.C to hit some museums,and there are plenty of eateries and watering holes in the Georgetown Col area.Just an idea.

"Depending on how things are progressing, here is an idea that has worked great for me. It's pretty simple if you have some skills in the kitchen. Buy a nice bottle of red and/or white depending on the dinner. If yo have access to a fire place thats great too, start it up. Buy 1 dozen red roses and cut all the petals off. Before she comes over make sure your room is immaculate. Then light 4-5 candles and sprinkle the rose petals all over your bed, and leave a few for the dinner table as well. Chocolate dipped strawberries are always a good end to a romantic dinner. Just an idea. Oh yeah, buy some good massage oil too."

Dude, there is no way you’ve done that on a date.
Thats the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard.
Were you wearing a silk shirt with 3 buttons undone and a big medallion?

Take her to a gourmet grocery shop and give her $20. Tell her that she has to pick out some food and cook you dinner at her place. Be sure to mention that if she’s a good cook, she might get lucky.

Try it out.

“Were you wearing a silk shirt with 3 buttons undone and a big medallion?”


Take her to the zoo!
("Rocky ")

Just kidding.

Someplace where you can talk, not a movie. Everybody knows sex is great, the thing you’ve gotta do is figure out if you can talk to this woman.

Someplace where you can talk, not a movie. Everybody knows sex is great, the thing you’ve gotta do is figure out if you can talk to this woman.

Just find a cheesy way to score fast. Give her the fuck of her life. Shell never mind your other talents. You gotta get her to ask herself How the fuck did he do that?, exactly like Al Pacino brilliantly described in the Devils Advocate, then she`ll be the one asking for more.

Not sure the other way around works though (I have never seen a girl fantasize about a guy`s personality…), althought this opens the door and prepares the terrain for fantasies and imaginative sexual tension build-up, as a bonus, if you had that good first impression.

Woops. You`re talking serious stuff here… ;0)

The zoo and Smithsonian are great ideas. But agin, it’s not going above 20 degrees today & we’re getting snow.

It’s hard to remember, it’s been so long!


I really like the rock climbing idea.

So Jeff did’ya get any you big stud? We should start a pool on how long it takes you to get in this chick into bed.
I’ll take March 25th. :slight_smile:

Thats a good over-under Uncle B…

I’m taking February 14th before anybody else gets a wise idea…

Don’t let me down Jeff!!!

What are the stakes anyway


She never showed up. :frowning: I ended up sitting at the bar for a while watching tv.

When I got home, she had emailed me that she had sprained her ankle and had spent the day in the ER. I didn’t get the email before I left.

Did she not have any other means to contact you by email? Namely, a telephone?

IF she had your phone number and didn’t not call and let you know I would be kinda upset…

Anyways, hopefully that was an honest excuse and she fully intends on seeing you again.

Tell her she can “make it up to you.”

Then, go at it.

Good luck rude dude

a concert and a bag of weed

We didn’t exchange numbers. We have now and it looks like we’ll be going out on Thursday.

Lumberjack, drugs are bad, mmkay?

Show her your bed.

Then fuck her in the ass.

Nate, my bed is small and my room is a mess! And I never tried any back door antics.

Well, we are sposed to go out again tonight. I hope she shows up!

Showing up is half the battle!

Now, go clean your room!

I second the “clean your room”.
What happens if she says “let’s go to your place and enjoy some backdoor antics”? It’ll be embarassing for you if it’s messy (your room, that is. Otherwise it may be embarassing for her).