Date Ideas

I’m always bad of trying to come up with ideas on where to take a date. What’s that? Yes, Rage has got a date this weekend. A 2nd date! So, help me out, here.

Here are some:

ice skating
roller skating
Inner Harbor
Annapolis Docks
rent a movie
comedy club
coffee shop

a motel with a couple of 40’s is always a good choice.

well unless you already had sex on the first date. then you can just take her out in the orchard and lay the wood to her!



I agree with P-Dog

Could this be a possible long term relationship? How well do you know this girl? Would you rather take her on a date conducive to talking and what not, or a date where you’ll get down to business? Movies in movie theaters don’t allow for much conversation, those are better suited for later dates in my opinion. Details man, details

that’s a pretty good list. since it’s a second date, do you know what some of her interests are? you can try doing something you know she likes (translation-score points). otherwise, i like p-dog’s idea.

Depending on how things are progressing, here is an idea that has worked great for me. It’s pretty simple if you have some skills in the kitchen. Buy a nice bottle of red and/or white depending on the dinner. If yo have access to a fire place thats great too, start it up. Buy 1 dozen red roses and cut all the petals off. Before she comes over make sure your room is immaculate. Then light 4-5 candles and sprinkle the rose petals all over your bed, and leave a few for the dinner table as well. Chocolate dipped strawberries are always a good end to a romantic dinner. Just an idea. Oh yeah, buy some good massage oil too.


I can’t wait until P-DOG gets off his cycle.

Here’s a nice place in annapolis I went to recently: The Melting Pot. Fondu takes so long to make that it’s excellent conversation time, and it’s a very intimate atmosphere.

But I would invite her over to my place for dinner, if I could pull it off.

Here’s a site someone sent me Date Ideas

Some of really wacky. “How about if we snuggles and give each other backrubs all night?”

Yeah, I’m looking for something whre we can talk.

I can ccook and have a fireplace. There is a problem with the room being immaculate, though.

I think it’s to soon to invite her over.


Congrats on the second date!

Is she athletic? Does she work out?

If so, a fun second date where the initial jitters have been kwelled is a rock climbing gym. I googled and found this

Whatever you do after that is up to you…

Good luck,


we have been implementing those techniques since h.s. the cycle has nothing to do with his suggestion. i’d say a good 70% of our h.s. parties were in orchards with bon

It’s never too soon to invite her over.

Quick story from college: I had a date, so I decided to clean up our dorm room “just in case.” Keeping in mind, of course, that I’m a total pig. So this was at least three hours of work. Then I talked to said chick, and she cancelled. My roommate, however, was thrilled that the room was clean.

So yeah… silver lining or some shit.


First of all, it depends on the type of girl you are dating. If she’s the potpourri type, you’d be better off using the gentle, no-risk suggestions. If she’s more of the tomboy type, gentle, no-risk situations might actually bore her.

Adjust your pitch to your audience, while at the same time proposing things where you can have some upper hand too.

MB8780: Er…maybe we don’t have the same type of girlfriends, but the list you gave there is what I’d expect my girlfriend to setup, not the other way around. Oh well, you take what works for you.

What kind of music does she like?
A nice quiet jazz bar is a good, classy place to relax and have a more intimate conversation. If you run out of things to say, you can always people watch and listen to the music.
A lot of you guys sound too over the top for a 2nd date. ;-p

Blah Blah Blah. I dont care what you do, just don’t rent a movie on the second date.

all your suggestions sound good, try to do them all in one night. I dare ya

THUMPERTX: If its for a fuck-friend, thats the best excuse to drop her a visit. Always worked fine in my case.

A guy here once told his excuse story. First time he meets this lady, the guy inevitably says at 3AM (at the bar) Well, how about some coffee?. The girl answered You and I both know thats this is just an excuse. Your place or mine?`.

Now that`s what I call Direct.

Of your suggestions I like the roller skating the best. Also I seem to remember that you’re a fairly avid mountain biker, so that might be something. The rock climbing stuff is good too. As you can see I favor the dates where you “do something”. Of course, as has been said, that won’t work if she is very “girly” (or whatever) but if she seems like she’s into that sort of stuff it’s a great way to connect.
While restaurant’s and other stuff like that are ok, I wouldn’t recommend them for this phase. Same with comedy clubs and stuff like that. Last night I took a girl to just such a place, and the way the chairs were placed (and the fact that they were extremely narrow) made it hard to turn towards each other to talk at all. The same can be said to some degree of most things where a show is being put up, the attention is taken away from you.

My personal idea that would work is to mountain bike somewhere and have a picnic.


rep9210, I like your idea, ecept that it’s 23 degrees and snowing! I’ll wait for warmer weaher before i do the picnic thing.