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im writing a paper for my Psych class about some kind of change we'd like to see thats relative to human growth and development. so im going to write about the negative effects of prison as a whole and an alternative option so if anyone knows some good places to look thatd be cool.

i only know Lexis-Nexus as a database and obviously google but its harder to get 1st hand sources through a search engine

ill check back in later, peace


lexis nexus and a library is all you need.

for the most part lexis nexus is all you really need, i still have professors who insist we use library stacks for at least 10 or so citations, gotta keep the librarians occupied i guess.

avoid google and other search engines, way to much crap out there shows up, cant tell you how many times i see papers with people citing think tanks and nonsense groups as credible information in a research paper when its really just some jackoffs opinion on something hes normally not qualified to speak on, hence having to go through a think tank.


well i got the bureau of justice statistics page, found a cross reference of about 8 countries but i dont even know what to make of the data. its all just for a 1.5 page double spaced business letter format thing, its not serious and i cant go to a library because its due tomorrow, i just can never really get motivated for these kinds of papers


yeah just finished it now.

i basically highlited how the current prison system fails to yield results via the increase of facilities and that it would be more effective to use a rehab structure instead.

i suggested that if partnerships were struck with various companies in return for funding getting labor or some kind of job security for the released person that not only would it be a hell of a lot cheaper to do this but the econonmy could be strengthened as well not to mention a plummit in crime nationwide as recidivism is a growing problem.

i bullshitted a bunch of sources too, id say a fact like most people who commit crimes are from broken homes, are uneducated and from low income enviornments - stuff everyone knows and isnt arguable, i just didnt want to scour for a source.