Dat Fast advice from veterans

I’m a female on day two of the fat fast. I’ve divided my meals into 5 a day, shake with flax seed oil, for a total of 1150 calories. I’m also taking MD6, methoxy and glutamine.
A couple questions: I feel really woozy. Does that go away?
Also, I’m starving! Do the food cravings get easier? My goal is to stay on this for three weeks, and I’m determined to stick to it for at least a week to see how I feel, but I feel pretty crappy. Any advise?

Hang in there!! Good luck!! Oh,woozy maybe because no carbs!

You feel woozy to due low blood sugar or a lack of glucose
which is affecting the brain’s ability to function properly.
(Temporary hypoglycemia - been there done that!) Solution:
Up your calories IMMEDIATELY by 20%; you should still lose
fat, BIG TIME on 1380 calories! Joey Z. ::::----::::

I was on the fat fast for about three weeks. I didn’t have bad appitite problems because i cut way back on my food before i started it. i did feel crappy for about four days though, before i adjusted. after about three weeks my body completely rebelled and i had to quit. so pay attention to what your body is saying. i did find that adding psyllium husks (the plain ones found at the natural food store) to my shakes made them much more filling - and kept the pipes clear! good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions and input…I really appreciate them. A couple other observations: I’ve never been so thirsty, ever. I’ve been on ketogenic diets before, and know how important it is to drink water, but this driving thirst has really caught me off guard. Also, my temperature is fluctuating. The warm part I understand–it’s the MD6. But then I get really cold, too. Anyone else experience this?