I checked out Dasha at her site. Am I imagining things or does she have a big caboose?

All girls do. That’s what makes them girls.

No, she doesnt have a big ass. But she has an ass. Some guys prefer that assless 12 yr old look. Maybe you are one of them :P~ :wink:

No. She has hips.

is that a bad thing for you?

Dude no way unless you like girls with muscle ass. She has a sweet feminine ass. One that you can squeeze and it will bounce around when you are nailing it from behind. I am so sick of women with asses that don’t move. A woman is not suppose to be some slim musclehead. Well thats just my opinion.

What’s her web-site?

She is at xxxdasha.com. She has a jlo ass, too big for my taste.

Correction; dashaxxx.com. Check page 2 of the free pics. You’ll notice she must have 38-40" hips. She probably can barely fit in a toilet seat.

You can’t do much about changing your hips. The basic framework of the pelvis is what it is. I find all kinds of women sexy. A nice round ass that doesn’t droop is just as sexy as a girl with more Ferrari like curves.

until she hits 45 or so…

It’s not age that allows the ass to drop, it’s lack of exercise. I’ve seen older women that put 20 somethings to shame, but they actually do something about it besides buy support pantyhhose and girdles with titanium support members.