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DASH Diet Questions

My GP keeps pressuring me to start the DASH diet in order to lower my blood pressure through diet. I am currently on BP meds that keeps my range 130/80 -ish.

This diet seems like it would be an absolute disaster for a carb intolerant fella like myself. Not only that but the protein intake seems low if I want to keep my hard earned muscles. All around, this approach seems ill advised.

I understand that there is research that shows that it lowers BP, but that is really only one factor in this equation. I have struggled with obesity since I was a junior in college, but I have always had high BP (even in High school). Even after I get my weight under control, I dont expect my blood pressure to return to normal.

what are the general thoughts about this diet? I am meeting with him tomorrow and would like to have a sane conversation with him about the pro’s and con’s without being steam rolled. Is the research on this diet as sound as he is making it out to be?

There is a new low carb version of the DASH diet. The book is The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution. It is higher in protein and very low in starch. You may find that this will meet your needs.