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Darts in Ontario

Any of you Ontario Canada T-dudes know this?
My buddy says that I can just walk into a pharmacy and buy syringes(for a college science
project). Is he just trying to get his ass kicked by being a comedian,or his he for real? Thanx

They’re available in BC and Alberta. You have to go to the pharmacy counter and ask, but you can only buy in bulk (by the box).

Yeah man, no problems. Only thing is they’re usually all diabetic size so your “feeding” will take a little longer than usual.

I bought 50, 25 gauge, 1" darts right from the prescription counter, without a prescription, right here in the good ole USA. You can do that in most states. Just walk up to the prescription counter and ask if they have any 23 or 25 gauge syringes.

I am a former Ontario resident, and never had a problem getting any in the past. Go to any drug supply outlet (like shopper’s drug mart). I always just walked right up, asked for the size I wanted (usually 1.5" 22 gauge) and they were given to me no questions asked. You might run into the occaisional pharmacist who wants to be a prick and ask you what you are going to use them for (just tell him they’re for intramuscular injections). If he wants to be a prick and not sell them to you for moral reasons, no skin off of your ass. Just go try another place. I would suggest trying Shopper’s either early in the morning or late at night. They usually have the ‘new’ guys working these shifts, and they are less likely to hassel you. Or even better . . . the needle exchange place in the city where I lived also had larger size needles for steroids which they gave away for free, as long as you brought the dirty needles back with you when you were finished.

Thanx for the help. One more thing though. What would be the best guage for a Sust injection? I was thinking 1.5" 23 guage. Appreciate all responses, thank you.