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Darrem Charles Works Out at My Gym


So yeah, was on my way out when i ran into him. how awesome is that? really nice guy.

fucking CUT. damn.


awesome, darrem got such a nice physique!
in fact you look great also


Sweet. Looking pretty big yourself, bro.


Always thought of Darrem as a class act. Great build, big in all the right places, and tight in all the right places as well.



that's awesome Op


Cool pic. You're bigger than most of the people here.


Your forearms look bigger than his! Cool, man!


You should ask him if he needs a training partner. :slight_smile:


you only weight 217? At that height, I'd guess 230-240


Geez, HM... you're looking BIG!

Oh yeah, Darrem looks okay, too.


Awesome picture, and good work man, most people don't get to look good when standing next to Pro who has won multiple contests in the last 3-5 years.

Well, I guess that is up for debate, in my picture with Lee Priest I look tall as hell, and Im only 5"10 so that doesnt happen all that often.


thats sweet man!

You know Dareem can actually get away with wearing spandex (under armour) while he works out. Usually I see people who weigh a buck twenty in that outfit. LMAO!

I'm a huge fan of his, very aesthetic and his biceps are killer.

Good job to yourself too for not looking like a dwarf next to him, you must have put in some work with the iron lol.





Awesome pic! And serious kudos for pulling off kudos standing next to Darrem-- LOL!

It's got to be seriously motivating being able to workout in the same gym as guys like that.

In that pic, Darrem looks like a real-life off-duty superhero :wink: Awesome.


Actually, I think that is just a regular t-shirt. It's just that he is so big every shirt he puts on turns into spandex.


darrem- underated in my opinion


Man that is seriously cool. And true, your holding your own standing next to him.


hey dude whereabouts in alabama you from? nice pic, i hope to be half as big one day, lol


I guess I' ll just waste space by congatulating you for not putting yourself to shame next to him.

" Darrem looks like a real-life off-duty superhero " - fitting!


I'm actually finishing up at UoAlabama. You in t-town?

I really appriciate all the positive comments guys! I'd like to thank the lighting and darrem's vertical handicapp for making me look semi decent.