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Darrell Russell Dies




With this guy being so young and somewhat sucessful in sports.....makes you ask the question.."Am I ready to meet my Maker?"...


I'll never forget D.R.

As a life long Raider fan (win lose or tie, silver n' black til I die) and USC fan, I remember Darrell as a dominant player. He was so dominant that by 25 years old he seemed to have the attitude that there were no challenges left for him.

D.R. got into trouble and got suspended. He used "party" drugs. He was so rich that he just wanted to have a good time. He was so talented and strong that he didn't even have to bother with steroids to be elite. He was just a natural BEAST!

It is a shame that his career diminished after a suspension cost him a season (something to do with drugs, and an alleged taping of a rape, if I remember correctly). It's a greater shame that he's no longer with us.

I won't forget what a dominating football player D.R. was.


Well stated KD...Once a Raider...always a Raider...unto death.

RIP DR...I pray he knew Christ....


Damn, I live in So Cal and saw this on the news this morning and they didn't say the names of the driver and passenger of the accident. Then I saw on NFL.com who it was. That sucks.


That's sucks to hear this sad news! The guy was my age; really hits home. Man! They hit everything in that car, thank GOD no plp got hit!


Wow. Raider fans are incredibly myopic. Hey, illegal drug use and rape are A-OK as long as you suit up for the silver and black!

Listen. Wasted talent is a sad thing, but I have no sympathy for those who harm others because they can't control themselves. Let's not cannonize this guy.


Your post is myopic...and yes I speak for ALL raider fans. Yeah sure.

Who's condoning rape?
Certainly not me!

Illegal drugs...Yeah, so what.


BTW, you spelled canonize wrong. Don't worry though, I still think you're superior to me. For many reasons.

I didn't know what canonize meant so I looked it up, that's the only way I determined your error.