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Darkane's 5/3/1 Log!

Just getting started. Grabbing current maxes this week and firing up on Monday Nov.16, 09.

Deadlift: #330 (Double overhand grip, 4" belt)

Bench: #235 (Narrower grip. Hands inside the ring, CT width.)

Press: #154 (Grinder Rep. Looking to get this lift up big time.)

Squat: #315 (18" box. At least to parallel for me. I’m 6’3")

Assistance will either be Boring but Big, or Bodyweight. Need some opinions on this.

Calories will be run in a deficit until the end of Decemeber, with a mostly keto-style.

Pumped to start this!

Nov 16: Standing Press.

Warm up: (Will not always post warmup, just an Idea)
-5 minutes around the track
-IT band foam roll
-Hamstring foamroll
-Lowerback/S.I. joint foam roll
-Upperback foamroll

-Cat/Camel back mobility drill
-45 degree knee drop side/side back mobility drill

Lifting: (* Denotes really explosive zero troubles with the set)
-Warm up Bar x10, 65x5, 75x5, 85x3 (All moving the bar as explosively as possible)
-Work set 90x5*, 105x5*, 120x10. Hammered 10 reps on the last set.

Assistance work: (Boring, But Big)
-Standing Press 70x10*, 10*, 10*, 10*, 10*.
(Good explosive here. Rest times cut to 60 seconds for the anabolic hormones stimulation)

-BW chinups 5*,5,4,4,3. (Pretty good, used Fatbar for grip work. Forearm pump was amazing, full ROM on these.)

-20 minutes brisk walk around the track after the weights.


Great workout seeing how I went to bed at 7:30am and was up at 12:30pm. Love night shift lol. According to my excel spreadsheet the 10reps on the last set puts me at a 160 max. I chose the Boring, But Big assistance to help my nervous system learn the firing patterns of these big lifts again.

I won’t grow from it with a caloric deficit, but my Nervous system can learn how to lift and recruit lots of motor units making me strong!

Nov 18th: Deadlift

Warm up: (Will not always post warmup, just an Idea)
-Jump rope. 100 double leg, 15/15 singles, 100 double.
-IT band foam roll
-Hamstring/Quads foamroll
-Lowerback/S.I. joint foam roll
-Upperback foamroll

-Cat/Camel back mobility drill
-45 degree knee drop side/side back mobility drill
-Don Tigny’s S.I. joint mobilization
-Hip flexor stretch
-Yoga Breathing push ups with waist on ground (not sure what it’s called)
-Yoga breathing squats BWx20

Lifting: (* Denotes really explosive zero troubles with the set)
-Warm up Bar x10, 135x5, 155x5, 175x3 (All moving the bar as explosively as possible)
-Work set 195x5*, 225x5*, 250x11. 11 reps - form started to break down. Had 1.5-2 reps in the tank which is where Wendler says to stop anyway. 4" Belt used. Reset on every Rep. This also puts my max according to the formula at 341.5lbs.

Assistance work: (Boring, But Big) No Belt used for these/Touch and go style.

-Deadlift 150x10*, 150*, 150*, 150*, 150*.
(Good explosive here. Rest times cut to 60 seconds for the anabolic hormones stimulation)
-DeadHang - 45seconds. Decompression of S.I./Lowerback.
-Hanging Leg Raises: 6*, 6*, 6, 6, 6. Pretty good felt it in the core, also further decompressed me.

-20 minutes brisk walk around the track after the weights. Did some calculating and I’m almost exactly at 4mph. That works out to 6km/hr. So every 20 minute session for me is 2km walked, and just for shits and giggles 1140 steps/km


Good workout. Seems my nervous system is priming up which is good.

Nov 19th: Bench Press

Lifting: (* Denotes really explosive zero troubles with the set)
-Warm up Bar x10, 95x5, 115x5, 125x3 (All moving the bar as explosively as possible)
-Work set 135x5*, 160x5*, 180x14. According to the Formula my bench max is 264. I adjusted form a little and felt much more stable. I don’t believe that 264, mind you another 10 might have come on.

Assistance work: (Boring, But Big)

-Bench125x10*, 125*, 125*, 125*, 125*.
(Good explosive here. Rest times cut to 60 seconds for the anabolic hormones stimulation)
-DB Row #75 x10*, 10*, 10*, 10, 10. (These were done the day after deadlift day. Back was a little sore but did them anyway. No altering the program.)
-Felt like doing Biceps so I just did a set of 3 good chins. I was spent lol.

-20 minutes brisk walk around the track after the weights.

Had a Cheat meal last night, and a big one today. Lots of desserts and sandwiches and shit. Carbs made a nice help it seems.

Squats on Saturday!

Nov 21: Squat Day

Lifting: (* Denotes really explosive zero troubles with the set)
-Warm up Bar x10, 115x5, 155x5, 175x3 (All moving the bar as explosively as possible)
-Work set 185x5*, 215x5*, 240x12. So with the formula this puts me at a #336 max. Squats felt pretty good here and I used the 18" box and my belt. Left 1-2 in the tank.

Assistance work: (Boring, But Big)

-Squat 145x10*, 145*, 145*, 145*, 145*. (No belt, No box. Good explosive here. Rest times cut to 60 seconds for the anabolic hormones stimulation)

-Seated Hamstring curl machine 170 x10*, 10*, 10*, 10*, 10*.

-20 minutes brisk walk around the track after the weights.

-Pretty good workout. First time trying Christian Thibaudeau’s Peri-workout protocol. I tried the “lite” version with everything cut in half. This is what I did:

Workout -90minutes: 1capful Biotest Liquid GPC
Workout -60minutes: 1 FINiBar
Workout -30minutes: 1 scoop Surge workout fuel
Workout -10minutes: 1 scoop Sugre Recovery
During Workout: 30g Whey blend. (50% hydrolyzed, 25% Isolate, 25% concentrate)
Workout +45minutes: 20g Whey blend
Workout +75minutes: Solid Meal which was Eggwhites for the quick absorption.

Minus the eggwhites this protocol pumped 700cals into my system. With about 80g Carbs, 90g Protein and the rest fats. People have been seeing excellent results on this so we shall see!

Thoughts on the protocol: I felt really good honestly. Oh and to add to that protocol I did an “Athletic” dose of Trans-D Tropin at the same time of the GPC. Athletic protocol for Trans-D is x4/daily 10-11 drops.

Nov 23: Military press

This was the first workout done after a day of work. I got to the gym 15 hours after waking up, and with 5.5 hours of sleep.

Working sets:

95x3*, 110x3*, 125x9.


Military 70x5x10, 60sec rest.

Chins 5*, 5, 5, 4, 3 and failed the 4th lol.

Thoughts: Decent energy with the protocol I’m currently doing.

Nov 24th: Deadlifts

Again after working a shift. 5 hours of sleep.


210x3*, 240x3*, 265x11. Decided to do all sets touch/go now. Seems my form may be a little better with less rounding of the back which is important.


Deads 155x5x10. 60 second rests touch/go

Hanging leg Raises 7,6,7,6*,6.

Kroc rows 1x15/15, 90lbs. Just the one quick set with a 90lb dumbbell. Could have went with a 95 or 100 for 15 but just wanted a test run.

Thoughts: The protocol is working great. Energy is up enough during the workouts that even with reduced sleep and a long ass day I can still manage to hits PR’s.

This is with no caffeine either. I had 1 cup of green tea today.

Gonna try to quit coffee for a while again in hopes that my adrenal glands will make a speedy recovery from the beating the HR gave em.


Nov 26: Bench - 5 hours of sleep


150x3*, 170x3*, 190x12. Pretty good, taped the rung on the 11th rep and did the 12th anyway. Kinda sloppy afterwards but got it up.


Bench 125x5x10. All explosive sets, felt stronger.

Kroc Rows 90lb DBx5x10. Felt good, I can see how these will help with grip and lockout. Going 95pounds next week I think.

Thoughts: Pretty strong workout. Enough said. Kind of excited to see some of my lifts with a full, deep nights sleep.


Nov 28th: Squat - 9 hours sleep, holy shit lol.


-5 minutes brisk walk around the track
-Foam rolled Quads, Hams, IT band, Lowerback/S.I. Joints (twice today), and upper back.
-Hip flexor lunge stretch
-Cat/Camel back mobility drill
-Side to side knee drop low back mobility drill
-Don Tigny’s S.I. joint mobility drill
-12 Breathing yoga squats.


-Box Squat - 4" belt, 18" box
200lbs x3*, 230x3* 255x12*. This was fantastic. I felt real strong today and stopped 2 reps short for sure. The reason being is I’m going to squat on friday next week and taking recovery down by a day. Didn’t want to destroy my legs. Real happy with this progress. 15lbs in one week.

-Free Squat
150x5x10*. Upped this 5 pounds as well.

-Hamstring curls (Seated)
-150x5x10*. Different machine felt as hard as the last one at 170. Felt good.

-20 Minutes brisk walk post workout.

-Squat strength is coming back quick. I should be good for 10reps + next week on my 5/3/1. If I hit 10 I’ll be very pleased. It will be a PR for me.

Nov 30: Military 5/3/1


105x5*, 120x3*, 130x9. PR for me there, 5 pounds more than last week. Good.


Military 70x4x10*, ans 70x12*. Went 4 sets of 10 for 70 pounds and on the last set did 12 explosively. So a couple more reps there.

Chin ups 5*, 5*, 5*, 5, 4. +1 reps on the last two sets since last week.


Good workout. Had some asshole go through my car at night… stole some cash and papers. So my mind wasn’t all there, but once I hit the final set it was nothing but Iron.

Had a Body composition today too, Poliquin 10site and came in at 12.8% @218lbs.

Dec 1st: Deadlift 5/3/1


225x5*, 250x3*, 280x12! Bam +1rep and +15 pounds from last week. Don’t know what to say here, but I’m getting much stronger. Good.


Deadlift 160x5x10*. Added another 5 pounds for 10pounds added total. Good.

Kroc rows 105x2x12/12. 2 Sets here, I was fairly taxed from the deads on grip so I could only pull 12 reps each side for 2 sets.

Gun show!! EZ curl bar 1set of 15, 65lbs.

Abs, did ab wheel style with the slidey pads. Not sure what to call it lol.


Good pulling! I fucked up and did Kroc Rows even though it was hanging leg raise day. I did some abs at the end to compensate.

I had an excellent deadlift workout and it may be in part due to the protocol. Today I had the regular amount recommended for hypertrophy/strength. 2 of everything.

This put an extra 1200 cals into me during the peri-workout window. I decided to do a clean carb up today so I doubled the protocol.

160carbs, 130 protein. Good stuff.

Other foods I had to carb up were 2 almond/oatmeal bars 50gcarbs combined and about 3 cups of peas.

All in all about 300carbs today. Excellent workout and no bloat!

Awesome progress on the dead’s. It’s pretty awesome to hit a rep PR on a heavier weight. Your log is making me want to go back to 5/3/1.

Jesus, sorry for the lack of updates here. I got them I will copy/paste right away.

Dec 3: Bench 5/3/1 - 7hours of sleep in the day after not sleeping for 23 hours.


160x5*, 180*3, 200x10. Good pressing here, PR.


130x5x10*. 5 pounds over week 1.

Ab wheel 2xAMAP

8*, 7.


Good bench work, I believe my previous best on flat bench was 205x6. So I should be good for more now!

Dec 4: Squat 5/3/1


215x5*, 240x3*, 270x8. Was not firing, CNS was shot. I was looking for 10 reps here, but it wasn’t a total blowout.

No assistance work, I was to fried.


Seeing on Wednesday I drove from Calgary to McMurray and straight to a night shift I didn’t sleep for 24 hours. On Thursdays bench day I still had decent nervous system function, but after another night shift and 6hours of broken sleep in the day I just couldn’t prime myself. I tried various CNS priming methods but hey one bad workout in a month way above average.

Regardless it still a tied PR for me.

Deload week is next, looking forward to it.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve just been doing my deload week.

All I did was the 3x5 worksets, then 2x10 assistance. Took a legit deload. I feel decent.

New Training Maxes for Cycle 2: (Last cycle will be in Bracket)

Squat: 302 (284)

Bench: 230 (212)

Deadlift: 324 (297)

Press: 149 (139)

There you have it. I made some real solid gains last cycle and we’ll see this first week how concrete they were!

Military Press Dec 14, 09


95x5*, 110x5*, 125x11. Since two weeks ago gained 2 reps. No complaints!


Military 80x10*, 10*, 10*, 10, 10 -barely. Upped the weight here by 10 pounds. Almost failed the 5th set. But good.

Chins 5x5. Got all the reps. 1 on the last set since 2 weeks ago. Sloppy but managed.


Strength is up. Not much to say, deadlifts tomorrow!


Deadlift: Dec 16


215x5*, 245x5*, 275x15. Fucking awesome. Two weeks ago was 280x12, so I’m still making great gains here. I probably could have squeezed two more reps, but grip literally failed on the 15th rep coming down. This is double overhand still.


170lbs 5x10*. All sets went nicely. Upped the weight 10 pounds.

Hangings Leg rasies 5, 5*, 5, 4, 3. Doing these proper now touching my feet to the top of the bar/hands.

1 set of DB curls, 35’s x16.


Awesome workout. Good energy, ate two FINibars in the pre-workout protocol and total cals were roughly 950 for the peri workout.

These gains on deadlift have been short of miraculous for me. I can’t wait to eat some real calories Come Jan 1st.

For the first time ever I can see my Erector spinae popping (Lower back muscles). This is mostly due to leaning out but I can contribute ‘some’ of it to the gains hah.

Oh one other thing I’ve been doing is taking Alpha GPC pre-bed now as well. I read a study in which the A-GPC suppresses somatostatin which is the signal for the brain to stop releasing Growth hormone. Now that STACKED with Trans-D tropin which is growth hormone releasing hormone Analog (clone) makes perfect sense to use together.

So far I think I’ve even leaned out a little, and strength is up big time.

Bench: Dec 17th

Cardio: 45minutes brisk walk, fasted 10minutes after waking up. took 1 serving BCAA boost prior. 17g bcaa’s.


155x5*, 180x5*, 195x11. Being the greedy fuck that I am, I tried going for a 12th rep and failed. No spotter either. I had enough control of the weight however that I safely racked it on the bottom rung. I ‘think’ I could have pushed through the rep if I lifted my ass and got loose on my form but I didn’t. I’m just pissed I went for it and didn’t leave it in the tank. Oh well. Still good.


Bench 5x10, 135lbs. Added 5 pounds to this for the month. First 3 sets were explosive, the last 2 were tough. I attribute this to the serious strain the failed 12th rep put on me during my big workset. Meh.

Kroc row 110lb DB 20 left arm, 20 right arm. 1 rep each side from last week. Something to note Kroc rows are crazy! It’s a pretty serious compound movement.

Cardio: 20 min post workout brisk walk.


My goal reps today were 12 on the bench. I hit 11, but I wanted 12. Couple things that affected me were yesterdays deadlift session. That 275x15 really hit my CNS and I didn’t overfeed or anything to compensate. So when I went to the gym I was still a bit fried AND I also did cardio in the morning too which wouldn’t help total CNS capacity. Regardless I definitely didn’t get weaker which is good.

Took two FINibars during the peri-workout protocol again. These things are to damned delicious!

Tomorrow is Squat day, my body feels beaten up. Gonna foam roll a lot, stretch after an evening walk with my woman. After my bench sessions I had my post workout meal and had a HUGE calorically dense meal. That seemed to help a little.

5 BBQ’ed chicken thighs, tons of greek salad, about 5-6 oz cheese and then for dessert I had 1 package of sugarfree Jello with 1 serving of BCAA boost mixed in for an additional 17g’s of amino’s.

Squats: Dec 19th


195x5*, 225x5*, 255x14. Good lifting here, 2 reps from the last time I did 255. CNS was good, lift felt easy and left 1 rep in the tank for sure. I thought about being greedy again but bench press taught me a lesson last time.


5x10, 160lbs. Squats went good, 10lbs since the start.

hamcurls 5x10, 175lbs. 5lbs.

Thoughts: Good workout for sure. CNS was there, and I’ve come to the conclusion I have a lot of slow twitch muscle. It seems I can grind out reps when it appears I’m spent. Rep 9 and rep 14 were almost the same speed lol. Oh well.

Onward to 3x3 week 2!