Dark Stool, 14 Week Cycle

About a week or so ago i started getting a runny stool and wanted to go almost every hour but it was hardly anything. i took some over the counter stuff and dried it up but now i seem to be having dark stool issues. i have been on a cycle for around 14 weeks of just test and tren.

i read that the problem could be from an internal hemorrhoid bleeding and feeding blood into my intestines because i have no pains other than the color and i did notice a small bump after i go from the push i dont notice it after though.

another problem could be from a bleeding ulcer, i used to be a big caffeine junky at my past job and would drink the familiar spikes once or twice a day maybe more and was to the point where redline just made me sweat. so if i had caused enough damage then to create an ulcer and have it puncture threw my stomach it may bleed as well.

i also left out this could be a reason why cause i did eat blueberries which i dont very often and the berries actually were in the stool after i had gotten up just looked as though the nutrients had been sucked out.

if anyone has had this happen before or could give me some pointers or something i could take im going to make an appt. but im sure there gonna tell me what i kinda figured out, i have no signs of liver or kidney pain and have a average diet.

im not to on top of things so i couldn’t tell you what i eat exactly but from what i read gives you dark stool none besides the occasional blueberries are in my diet.

the darkness in your feaces comes from billirubin which comes from the breakdown of redblood cells. There are many reasons that it could be darker. If I were you I would get a liver function test as a precaution but I wouldn’t worry too much.

I’d go ask this in the steroid forum for more informed answers, but from what I have read pepto (or any bismith product) can give you dark stool, so if that’s what you took that could be a possibility.

Ok we need to determine why it is dark, because blood in the stool is ALWAYS an indication of problems.

If its brown or blackish like you described it is likely from internal bleeding further up the line.

If it persists for a week I would go to the doc.

its just dark in color nothing that can be seen. like 4 days ago i though i was getting the flu or something and started the runs after i took some meds to dry it up and it worked but then the days following it turned dark.

I am not convinced it is the anabolics.

What dose of what esters of the drugs are you using? any other drugs? ancillaries? diuretics? fat loss? recreational? anti anxiety? antio depression?

You took something for the runs - what was that?

You felt like you were ill and had the shits - couldnt it be related?

What type of ‘darker’ is it? very? a little? Is it a black colour or a brown colour?

Many things change the colour and consistency of stools - Guinness will give one sticky black crap for starters.

More details are needed then you need to take those details and talk to a doctor.

You also need to watch how long you run trenbolone products for… 14 weeks even on enanthate is a very long time IMPO.


What drug exactly did you take for the runs? Was the stool dark once or twice after you took the drugs or is it still dark like every time. Do you have any other liver signs, abdomen pain,yellow eyes, dry skin. If not it’s probably not liver related but if it is consistently dark it could be bleeding related. Then again it could be as simple as something you are taking or eating.

also advil can cause some minor intestinal bleeding in some cases.

Red blood in your stool is fine, because its just a cut or something close to the line.

If its black, then its old, and comes from higher up, which is very very serious.

Food colorings can change stool color because many greens and such dont break down in the body and can easily be mistaken for black.