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Dark Chocolate

Anybody know where to get 100% or close to that dark chocolate for cheap? I am looking around and don’t seem to see many options. If there is an alternative to this dark chocolate (for example, “cocoa bar”)or something that I am unaware of please inform me.

cocaco nibs are supposed to be really healthy. Very high in antioxidants. Not sure where to get it cheap though

I’ve purchased 99% Dark Chocolate before. Tastes horrid btw. They suggest you work up from 70 to 80 to eventually 99. I went and tried 99. It doesn’t taste that bad, just that you’d think twice about eating it again in a hurry.

i buy the lindt 99% and i love it but I am also a very strange individual

Check out the baking aisle of your grocery store; you should find some 100% baking chocolate.

If you can’t find it, mix some cocoa powder into melted coconut oil. When it hardens, the result is some decent chocolate. Add some splenda to it if, like most normal human beings, you think that 100% cocoa tastes disgusting.

Ghiradelli and others make a 100% unsweetened chocolate.

Cocoa nibs can be found at Whole Foods, in the vitamin section. Any health food store would probably have them, too.

I like to make a flax brownie recipe (Miracle Brownies) that I found online, using unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder, sucralose, and erythritol (sugar alcohol which doesn’t cause stomach distress).

If you want a sweetened chocolate with no carbs, most of them are sweetened with Malitol, a sugar alcohol that can cause gastric distress (stomach aches, etc). However, I recommend a product called “Choco Perfection” made by Low Carb Specialities, which is sweetened with Sucralose (splenda) and not with Malitol. You can only buy it via mail order. The bars are expensive (almost 3 bucks each, and they are sold by the dozen) however I think they might actually be worth it! The dark chocolate is what you want (they make a milk chocolate version too). I also buy their ‘baking chips’ lately, because it’s easier to exercise portion control with the chips… once you unwrap one of the bars, it’s damn near impossible not to eat the whole thing. Doing that is not hard on your waistline but it’s hard on your wallet.

Really dark chocolate, like 80% above, tastes terrible. You are better off getting some raw cocoa nibs from amazon and mixing it in your protein shakes. Try this:

2 scoops banana MD
10-12 oz water
2 tbsp cocoa nibs

Blend that together (magic bullet ftw)

= awesome

[quote]rehanb_bl wrote:
i buy the lindt 99% and i love it but I am also a very strange individual[/quote]

I get 93 or 94%, love dark chocolate!

It is a little further from your 100% figure, but the Lindt 90% that I buy has only 3 g of sugar per 220 cal, which is four squares, and I rarely have more than one or two squares at a time.

So that is only 1 or 1.5 grams of sugar at a time. To me the difference between that and zero is for practical purposes no difference.

I get the 80% Lindt bars in the grocery stores for about $2.50 each, and they taste just fine to me. Admittedly, some people can’t stand them.

The baking aisle has 100% cocoa chocolate, I love this stuff. Its not for everybody but the shit is great and is the only chocolate i will eat.

Or get cacoa powder and add it into your oatmeal or put it into shakes etc, it’s not sweet though, and it still has all the vit c that cacao powder doesnt have, as a result of using the dutch chocolate process.

World Market carries lots of different kinds of dark chocolate in different percentages. I would check there.


I sometimes cook with cocao nibs…I add them to chili or my marinade for chicken. It’s kinda funny that americans automatically associate cocao with sweet, even though it is not naturally sweet at all, but bitter, and is much more naturally suited in other aspects of cuisine.

What I do is, I like buying coco power and mixing a little of it into different foods.

I love dark chocolate.

I love cocoa roasted almonds.

Damn, do i ever love cocoa roasted almonds.

I love cocoa powder.

I love dark chocolate. The best: the higher the cocoa content, the less you need to feel “satisfied”. :stuck_out_tongue: