Dark Beer for Weight Loss?

Why is dark beer recommended on a diet? I read it in the Matt Damon article too.

It’s not. It was a joke in the other thread.

How hard did you read?

Fair enough I must have skimmed it. I found this while researching. Nothing about for dieting.

To be fair though, dark beer used to be recommended for convalescing after illness (iron content etc.)

I saw that film , it was boring . I like most of his films though.

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All good. Generally speaking, 400 calories from a single drink that provides no nutritional benefit is bad for cutting.

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it’s about 190 for a can of Guiness. But point duely taken/

But really, who has just one can :joy:

Presently I just had 2 . Crying into my beer.:smirk:

Have two more for me. I’m allergic to beer.

No I limit it to 2 . Unfortunately I am also allergic to beer. But recently I am seem to tolerate it better. It’s the barley that’s gets me a bit like a gluten intolerant person/ coeliac.

who the fuck drinks Guinness out of a can?


hahahahahhahahha is this thread because of my joke in that weird weight loss thread? Jesus. I need to watch what I say.


True Flipcollar thanks. Yogi they have widgets , it tastes close to the same. Although you are Aussie aren’t you? Do they have Guiness in the US?

I’ll take it. Anything that excuses for a pint is a good idea.

Yogi is in Scotland. I’m in the US. They do have Guinness here.

Our Guinness is not produced in the same facility that European Guinness is produced in. If I remember correctly, ours is produced in Jamaica, which is an Island in the gulf coast of the US. There are differences in the water quality/ chemical makeup that affect the taste of the product here. It’s definitely not the same, even on tap. I was in Ireland earlier this year, and the difference between the American product and the Irish product was astounding. I knew that it would be different, but I wasn’t prepared for the Irish product to be SO MUCH better. I won’t drink the stuff here, but while I was over there I had a few every single day.

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yes, thank you for that…

In my experience, kcal counts for beer/wine/liquor are both correct and wrong.

Correct, in the sense that that’s their objective caloric content.

Wrong, in the sense that ingestion turns off lipolysis, which is the same as turning storage mode all the way up.

(note that the above point is largely insignificant with one drink total and becomes progressively more true with each additional drank)