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Dark Angel - Jessica Alba

I know this is a bit off topic, but did anyone see the season finale of Dark Angel last night? It left me on the edge of my seat. And I didn’t like the ending. I want to know what happens next. I don’t watch much TV, but that is the one show I watch religiously. Jessica Alba is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I can only dream of finding a T-vixen that looks like her. It would be even better if I did hook it up with her. She has the most perfect lucious lips, great eyes, hair, everything! And she’s in damn good shape too. This dogg is in puppy love!

Yeah Dogg, the Dark Angel is my ideal T-Vixen, too. She is…well, she is the ultimate creamdream…LOL! Unfortunately, she’s getting hitched with her co-star. Wonder if she has any sisters?

A guy I work with has a martial arts studio and has trained Jessica Alba for her role. He said she even better looking in person.

Dogg, as you know, I didn’t catch your girl last nite:-( I am convinced that it’s worth sitting down to check her out from now on on Tuesdays. You’ve made it quite clear that Ms. Alba’s one hella hot honey. Sounds like my main Dogg’s got that puppy love in high gear…there’s always some beauty on the screen that can do that. It used to be Buffy for this young buck.

I am right there with you, bro. Jessica Alba is kickin…nuff said. Anyhow, I missed the season finale last night and would appreciate it if you could fill me in on what happened. Muchos Gracias, Nate Diggity Dawgg!

ya i didnt like it either… i was so pissed… i dont know how its going to work out now… how is she going to get out… and why did zach have to die… screw this bullshit

Creamdream, I agree. She definitely is the ultimate creamdream. Damn she’s hot. I heard about her marrying her co-star. You know how that goes. It’ll last a year or two. No one in Hollywood stays married long. That’s when I’ll come in and take over! DGSkalsky, I can only imagine what it would be like to see her in person. I’d bust a nut like the kid in American Pie! LOL. Timbo my man, you don’t know what you’re missing. Hopefully, they’ll have repeats over the summer. I started taping it recently. I have the last few episodes (last night included).

Racer, you missed out on a good one. You gotta see it. Max freaked out when she saw Tinga in that underwater contraption. And Tinga was dead. Lydecker and his men surrounded the place and busted in. Max stayed with Tinga. Lydecker wanted to find out why other Mantacore guards were at that place and took Max with him. She ended up taking Lydecker (he figured out that one blonde lady was blackmailing him) and she brought Lydecker back to Logan, Zack and two other X5’s (some dude and a hot blonde).

Lydecker agreed to help them take down Mantacore. There is a raven that flies to a place at the top of the building, and there is a flashback to when Max, Zack and the other X5’s were escaping Mantacore as kids. And Zack accidentally kills another X5 (important foreshadowing).

As they were infiltrating, Max took out the Asian X5, they detonated the lab, and started hauling butt. They were chased down by the new X7’s (a bunch of younger kids who are stronger, faster and more intelligent). As Max was on her way to the rendevous, she ran into an X7 that looked like her when she was younger. She asked her if she knew who she was, the X7 pulled the trigger, but Max took her out. Then they all escaped.

Then you have Max, Zack, Logan, Lydecker the other X5’s and Max’s friends from work chilling at the bar. Everything seems cool. Zack said he’s cool about Logan. And Max and Logan decide to jet. Next scene, they are getting freaky at his place. Next thing you know, the raven shows up, Max freaks and Logan finds blood on her. Then we go back to that moment she was fighting the X7. You see what really happens. Max is shot in the heart. Logan runs out to find her. She’s already dead. Lydecker says to leave her, Logan tries to pick her up, Lydecker knocks him out and they haul butt.

Next scene, Max is being rushed to the hospital. They are trying to bring her back, Zack is also in the hospital, he was shot. He gets off the gurney, takes the blonde lady (the bad one) hostage and tells the docs to bring Max back. They can’t because of damage to her heart. She needs a transplant, so Zack grabs the blonde and says to use her. Only her heart won’t do. It has to be from another X5. So Zack shoots himself in the head and becomes the donor (foreshadowing - he gives his life to make up for the one he took earlier). Max wakes up, held captive by the blonde lady. She tells Max that Zack must have really loved her to make the ultimate sacrifice. Max doesn’t believe her at first. But the lady makes Max listen to her heart…talking about how it is a strong heart. Max freaks and is tied down. Scared. Hot as all can be. Last scene, Logan is on top of that thingy that Max is always out looking over the city from. He thinks Max is dead. Talks about how he still feels like she’s alive. And misses her. End of show. Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking. I didn’t want it to end like that. I hope they have a next season. I’ll be watching! And taping all the reruns I missed.

Nate Dogg, Sounds like a kick ass episode! I taped it last night. However, I have not had a chance to see it yet. Cannot wait to get out of the office and check it out tonight!

Dear Biotest:

Please stop selling Tribex to Nate Dogg! He is out of control. That puppy has worn the finish off all of my table legs and ran off both my female pups dragging their butts on the ground at 100 miles per hour. If he continues to take Tribex, I am afraid he might start humping MY legs. He even has scented candles in his dogg house now! Either stop selling him the new and improved Tribex or fill a Tribex bottle with the Twin Labs stuff and send him that so he isn’t so frisky.


Avoids Roids Dogg Sr.

I agree. Jessica Alba is one fine hottie. I bet when she cuts one, the room smells like vanilla and roses because she’s so damn perfect. Nate, it’s only a year untill she divorces whoever she’s marrying. You think you can wait that long till you show her what a T-Man you are? Make sure you post some pics of you and her, or just her, after you seduce her with your scented candles.

Mike Mahler, you will enjoy watching it tonight. I may watch it again just to enjoy every minute over again. Avoids Roids and Reeshdawg, you guys are cracking me up! Hey, I’m not using any Tribex! So that’s not it! LOL! And yeah, I can wait a year. No problem. Gives me more time to get in better shape, make more money and be all set to show her what a real T-man is like! And the candles will definitely help. I’d pull out all the tricks for Jessica…oh god…she’s so freakin’ hot. I’ve even dreamed about that girl before…talk about a nice dream…oh yes, Jessica! I love you Jessica! Come to me! Come to Nate Doggy Dogg! Hey, when we hook up, I’ll be sure to post some sweet pics of her for all of you to see! :wink:

I thought the ending was fine. Most other shows would have ended the minute she died, leaving us with a cliffhanger as to whether or not she lived. At least there somewhere to go with the storyline next season.

I’m definitely gonna catch some flak here, but I don’t think Jessica Alba is attractive at all. Her ass is flabby – do some squats, Jessy! – and I think the bug-eyed, pouty-lipped look is, well, gross. Argue if will, people, but don’t even try to tell me this chick is in any kind of shape…

Bob, I understand we all have different ideas of what is attractive or not. And I understand you don’t think Jessica Alba is all that much. But to me, that’s one hot-ass chick that I would love to have all to my own! I love her lips. Full lips on a girl are the best thing! I’m not an ass or breast man. I’m attracted to a cute face…and that involves eyes and lips. And she has a great set of both. No, she’s not a fitness competitor, but I still think she has a nice body. One that is more realistic and attainable by those who are blessed with smaller frames. But hey, to each his own. Jessica Alba is my thing! :slight_smile:

nate dogg i totally agree with u, jessie is one hot babe, one that i wouldnt mind opening my eyes to first thing in the morning everyday!!! did u c that frist or second episode where she jumped into the pool, and as she was coming up out of the water with here nice full lips glisning with lipstick still in place… that was the sexiest pose!!!

Maui, oh yes, I saw and remember that episode very well. She was smoking! I could definitely wake up next to her every morning and be in absolute heaven.