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been training for 2-3years but not eating right
but have been eating right for the past 2 months.
I don't think I have any before shots
here's a video of todays front press and you can find my work log here http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2288485&pageNo=1#2321385

Pictures up shorting: basically I am trying to add muscle and strength

best lifts
dl: 365lb,(pulled my back in Jan. so thats why its not the best)
squat: 265lb
bench..:215lb is the most I ever did:I hate bench..


oh boy.


what the fuck is your problem..






I look really retarded, no Idea how to pose this one..


You know..I used to just glance over this section and not post. Now all these people (who are around my age) posting annoy the hell out of me.

Youre fat. I'm done being polite.


^^You just reduced the flaming you're going to get by about 30%

Front and Leg shots.


nice hourglass




my bad forgot about front




Delete this, and come back in a few years. Maybe just don't come back.


maybe in a couple years you can put your OWN picture in your avatar :smiley:


Check my profile dumbshit. I have accomplished and will continue to accomplish more than you have or ever will.


okay Mr. 20 year old, is this how you get your high? trying to talk down to people 3 years younger then you?
seriously whatever boats your boat




I talk down to people only when deserved. There are many people around your age who have great physiques. You know what they are doing though? They are working there ass off atm not posting random pictures.


OK Darin. This was not the place to post pictures of your physique. The beginners forum would be a more appropriate place. You don't seem like a troll or a joker, you seem legit. Post more specific questions/goals in the beginners forum and no one will bust your chops. This forum is for people who have already accomplished something worth showing, not for people interested in doing so.


thanks, anyway I could get this in the beginner section?