So, I saw DareDevil tonight? What did everyone that saw it think? I was pleased for the most part, but thought some things could have been better. But I did see a great HULK preview. Now that’s going to be good.


We’ll be seein’ the flick later today. I’ll post a “review” afterwards.
Actually, I’m hoping to catch the latest X2 trailer. I heard it’s sooooooo gooooood.

I was pretty excited about the movie, but overall it seemed a bit disjointed and the conclusion was very fast.

I thought they did a good job of setting up the background, but then they just breezed over the current situation. I wanted more. Maybe I’m spoiled by 2.5-3 hour movies now, but I just felt there was more to the story that they left out.

As long as they stick to the original comic book storylines and characters, I will be happy. I may go see it tonight.

I thought X-men was well done and so was Spiderman. I think as long as Stan Lee is involved it will keep the dumbass hollywood witers hones to the original concept.

I should also mention that I have not read the comic books, so my opinion could totally be off if it holds true to the comics.

Jason: Mark Steven Johnson (director) has said that much of the deleted scenes (and quite a bit had been edited out for time), will be restored for the DVD. Apparently there will be more for Jon Favreau (Foggy) in the DVD. Which is cool, since I heard he’s just fabulous.

As for how loyal the movie is to the comic books? There is a scene in the movie that is almost straight out of the Frank Miller DD story. Once I see the flick for myself, I’ll point it out…From what I hear, it was pretty true to the comic book format, storywise.

The X2 trailer was wild!!

I agree about the X-men trailer.The bad thing is I won’t get to see when it comes out.(I report to boot camp the 11th of next month)The movie was somewhat disappointed to me. The reasons being the jerky pace of the movie and ben just not being a good action star. Micheal Clark , Colin Fairell,and Jen Gardner all did go jobs.Did any beside me notice the Stan lee cameo with the young daredevil.At least the movie was close to the comic.I would like to have seen some mention of Daredevil mentor and trainer The Stick.
P.S. I’m a big kevin smith fan and it was nice to have a big comic fan like him in the movie.(By the way you might check out his writing for the Green Arrow.)


I just saw it today. I thought overall it was a good movie. Then again I wasn’t expecting much either.

I’ve learned if you go and expect a lot from a movie. It almost never happens.

The only thing that I would have like to of seen is Micheal Clark in a bigger role as the KingPin. God he is huge in that movie.

I was a bit disappointed. Seemed like a second rate Spiderman.

I was also a little confused about how some of the characters could jump three stories in the air. I mean, Bullseye is just a good shot basically, and Elektra “has been training since she was five”… so she can now fly? Same goes for DD really.

Yes, I know, it’s just an escapist movie, and I like those, but the wire work was just silly at some points.

I also felt at times that Ben A. was just walking through the movie, not really taking the character seriously or doing much acting. Scott Terra, the little kid who’s plays the young DD, is excellent though.

Not a bad evening’s entertainment, but it’s no Matrix and no Spiderman. I’m sure it’ll be better when all the deleted scenes are added back in.

Two thumbs up for Jennifer Garner’s lips.

Oh, and I heard later that there’s an extra bit of movie halfway through the closing credits. I missed it. Anyone catch it?


The extra scene in the credits is Bullseye wrapped up in the hospital. He can’t move and a fly is bothering his face. He reaches over with his barely moveable hand, grabs a syringe and skewers the fly. Nothing exciting, but kind of funny.

And Jennifer Garner in leather made my weekend.


Okay, due to a massive head cold, didn’t even see this flick until today. And here’s my thoughts.
From what I could tell, Ko didn’t blink at all throughout the movie. Being the “master of the one word response”, Ko is generally quiet during the movie, hell, during the day. So, the way to tell if he likes flick or not? For one, he doesn’t fall asleep. Another, he sits through the credits. Which is what we did here.
First the trailers. X2: WOW. Now, that’s a trailer. Gawd dammit great trailer. I know this thing is online now. I’m gonna save it on the desktop. Bulletproof Monk: You know, I like this second trailer for this flick. Chow Yun-Fat needs a hit in H-town. I’m hoping this can be it. Cradle 2 the Grave: Who would ever think that I would see a a trailer for a Chow Yun-Fat movie followed by a trailer for a Jet Li movie? Amazing! You know, I betcha the fight scene with Jet Li and Mark Dacascus will be VERY good.
Okee dokee, the movie. I liked it. I really, really liked it. Sure, the super hero high jumping by Elektra and Bullseye were a tad farfetched and I could have done without, but the other good stuff in this flick made up for that, and I was willing to accept it. Didn’t anyone catch the Stan Lee appearance? Or how about the fight marquee of “Jack ‘The Devil’ Murdock vs. John Romita”? John Romita is most famous for pencilling “Spiderman”, but his best work was for “Daredevil”. And he’s often said that “Daredevil” is his fave superhero. Another great artist who worked on the Daredevil comics is John Buscema. I actually started reading Daredevil before Spiderman. I had a couple of Gene Colan issues as well as some John Buscema issues. These issues are not in the best of shape either. The pages are worn from the constant reading I’ve given them. However, my Spiderman issues are still in good shape. The darker side of justice in Daredevil have always had more appeal to me.
Therefore, the movie did it’s job. The opening sequence of Daredevil hanging onto a cross is straight out of a Frank Miller issue. The scene where Bullseye kills Elektra is also straight out of the comic book. And like in the book, she dies in Matt Murdock’s arms.
Ben Affleck didn’t come off as “Ben Affleck in a movie”, only as Matt Murdock. Now, I’m thinking, “who else” could be Matt Murdock?" Joe Pantoliano (or Joey Pants as he’s known in H-Town), was fantastic as Ben Urich. Jon Favreau hit the right chord as Foggy. He was sooooooo perfect. Michael Clark Duncan. You know, there were alot of comic book fans goin’ amuck with the thought of him being chosen as The Kingpin. Since The Kingpin is white in the comics. Now? So freakin’ what. Mr. Duncan OWNED this role. He filled the picture with his presence. 'Nuff said. Colin Farrell. Well, the man who seems to be in just about every goddarn film this past year certainly did his job here. Loved him as Bullseye. I mean, how many people do you know can kill someone with a peanut or a paperclip? He convinced me he could. Jennifer Garner. Man, I just think she’s so cool. She can kick ass AND make you cry for her. Whatta actress. BTW: she performed the majority of her stunts. As she does in “Alias”. I’m just in awe of her.
Oh, side note: Did anyone catch the rapist’s name? “Jose Quesada”, which is a play on Joe Quesada. Current Editor in Chief of Marvel as well as former artist of Daredevil. And the fight choreographer for this flick was Cheung-Yan Yuen, brother of Wo-Ping Yuen. You know, otherwise known as Yuen Wo-Ping. Choreographer of The Matrix, Once Upon a Time In China, Fists of Legend and Crouching Tiger. These two have combined forces for the upcoming Matrix sequels.
So, overall a huge thumbs up. I wanted something dark. I wanted something more character driven. That’s what I got. Plus, in “Spider-Man”, the dialogue was more “comic bookish” and rather one dimensional. (And I did like “Spider-Man” more due to Toby Mcguire and Sam Raimi than anything else). This movie was a tad more “well rounded” than that. I say good job to all, including Affleck.

Hey all! I was going to ask a quick question. Why is everyone so excited for the X2 movie? I didn’t think much of the first movie, and in my opinion the cartoon on saturday morning was much better. Maybe with Spiderman and Daredevil out the X2 people have realized how to make a comic book movie, but I am not convinced. The X-men are a great franchise, but I think hollywood butchered the first one. Can anyone (esp. Patricia) explain why they did or didn’t like the first movie. Thanks!

I love comic books. Grew up on comic books. The first books I comics I read were Avengers and Fantastic Four. Then came a few Daredevil and Spiderman issues. I tried reading Batman, Superman and Supergirl but I wasn’t into DC Comics back then. Oh, maybe 'cept Animal Man. Thought he was pretty cool.
But the interest grew to HUGE proportions once I picked up my first ever issue of Uncanny X-Men. It was nothing like I’ve ever read before. The “children of the atom” just struck a chord with me. Plus, the fact that the women of the group were by far the strongest was very intriguing. Especially when I was a runt of a girl. Once the creative team of John Byrne, Terry Austin, and Chris Claremont took over: that was it. I was hooked. And have been ever since.
So, when it was announced that 20th Century was moving forward with a film adaptation, I was just pig squeeling excited. Hot damn! And with Bryan Singer as director? WOW. How could it fail?
Well, it didn’t - completely. It contained a weak performance by Halle Berry as the team’s second strongest member, Storm/Ororo Munroe. And I still have issues with Famke Jannsen as the strongest member, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix. However, Hugh Jackman was born to be Wolverine.
Also, the fact that 20th Century Fox wasn’t willing to dole out more than 60million to make this film and wanted to edited it down to less then 2-hours. But the problems were so slight compared to my excitement to be able to watch in action, characters I grew up reading about. I felt the introduction to Rogue was good, Patrick Stewart as Prof. X was meant to be, Ian McKellen as Magneto was just sooooo grand and there were other “good stuff” that made up for the “bad”.
As for X2: I’ve gotten a peek at the script. And Great OOGLY GOOGLY. If they film this thing as how that script was written. By golly, they may have THE comic book film that will set the standard. That second X2 trailer pretty much looked like they did it. 'Cept for Famke/Jean and Halle/Storm’s hair?! WTF?

Man, oh MAN! I just read this:
X2: X2Movie reports that “Bryan Singer has a tight edit of the film, which comes in at about two hours and I can tell you for a fact that one of your X-Men favorites IS in the current edit with a nice little cameo…if this makes the theatrical cut. One of the most costly scenes in the film will consist of the final climatic battle. Don’t want to spoil it for you, but lets just say…the X-Men team is truly UNITED towards the end of the film. Every member, included Magneto and Mystique are shown using their powers in a way that will have fans cheering! There are going to be over 800 FX shots in the film”.
So Freakin’ Cool!!!


Was I the only one who noticed that the shot of DD kicking Bullseye off of the motorcycle was stolen almost frame for frame from Akira?