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Dare I Say 'Core Training'

I lift heavy and have noticed recently that my lower back is becoming sore, I don’t believe it is up to par on a majority of my movements. I’m contemplating buying a Roman Chair for hyper extensions so i can train my lower back and also do abs on a more regular basis.

My question is the difference between the 90’ and 45’ styles. I’ve used the 90’ only but am wondering the benefits of using the 45’. My gym has neither so i’m limited on trying them out. What is the most efficent for the best work?

I have both in my basement and honestly they’re both about the same to me, for hypers at least. If anything the 45 degree ab/hyper bench keeps constant tension better.

However if you’re looking to strengthen the erectors good ol fashioned deadlifts will do a much better job. I use mine for warmups and high rep finishing work sometimes.

Your right on the deadlifts… that is where my problem is coming from. Seems like my lower back is holding me back a bit… I was gonna try using the hyper to increase flexibility in my lower back and help strenthen the core area

None the less thanks for the info. i was leaning toward trying the 45’ but wasn’t sure


Ya do get the bonus of an ab bench as well, if you have to choose one. This cost me 170 bucks. Built like a tank.

Where did u pic that one up for 170.00?

This may not help you much, but I got it here: http://www.wateman.com . Only this place is less than 5 miles from my house so no shipping. It doesn’t appear to be on their site, but I know they have them. I was in there yesterday and they’re still 170. If you want one drop them a line. I don’t know if it’ll make any difference, but tell them that Greg, the guy who’s always in there with his daughter looking at the latest used equipment sent you.

Edit: I just saw that they’re on the bottom half of the page, but it says $2:19. I know I saw them in the store still for 170. I’ll check on Monday if you want me to.

Not sure how anyone can address this without seeing your routine, and esp. look at your orthopaedic condition and check for muscular imbalances.

I too always thought I had a weak back. Kept pounding my low back until I could do stiff-legged deads with 365 for reps at bwt of 210. Finally dawned on me that I had the standard anterior pelvic tilt, and weak “anterior core”. I minimized my lower back work, and maximized training the abs, psoas, obliques, etc. Guess what? Back felt better, and my deadlift increased all while doing much less lower back work.

The lower back musculature notoriously has a relatively poor recovery rate compared to other areas of the body as well.
Good luck.