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It’s on drew Baye’s site

Drew did a fine job with the interview

I will look that up. Too bad Drew did not play his cards that well on this site, and got suspended. If he wants to spread his message, he could have used this arena also.

Statics, yes. I frequently come back to Dr Dardens leg killer specialization routine, which is finalized by a wall squat hold for 60 seconds. Now this is a powerful static that will bring you to your knees.

Anyone know what is the pathway/stimulus in regards to statics/isometrics?

I responded to a post Drew Baye did on FB, he is too close minded…it’s his way or it’s wrong

and it was about variety and he indicated it’s not needed, required and its a waste of time and energy


Drew seems very much of the mindset that time under load is the most important principle for muscle growth and I have never ever found this to be the case.

Have you noticed how time slows down when you do the wall sit. Sixty seconds becomes an eternity.

Yes! :grimacing: First time I tried this routine I barely made it in 30 secs. First time I made 60 secs, I fell to the floor, panting heavily, when a guy at the gym sprinted at me, asking “are you alright?”. Appearantly he thought I died… :laughing:

As Dr Darden use to write: “This will get your attention”. A very polite way of saying “this will make you look like you die”! :laughing:

I noticed too, :laughing:

Yes indeed !

At the end of an isometric/static exercise, and if enough muscle fibers are recruited successfully, asynchronous muscle fiber recruitment occurs. The muscles undergoing contraction will shake uncontrollably, and sometimes fairly severe.

This is when you have trained extremely hard.

There was a time when any kind of dynamic exercise that loaded my knee caps caused me a lot of pain. It was some kind of issue with the cartilage under the knee cap. For a long stretch, the only exercise I did was wall sits. They are very uncomfortable for sure, but my knee cap tolerated the load as long as there was no movement. I was able to maintaining the condition of my legs to some extent by doing this. But I never saw much change in muscle size. For me, I need full range exercise to see hypertrophy.

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It is pretty long, but I did give it a listen. The conversation was mainly a rehash of Super Slow talking points and doctrine that have been around for a long time. If you are a fan of that style of training, you will probably enjoy it. If you are a skeptic, it might not be worth your time. I was hoping to hear something new or revelatory about statics. But if that was in the discussion, I must have missed it.

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At the end of his interview, Mr. Hutchins, a rather frail man, admitted that even with His ULTIMATE exercise protocol, he needed to engage in additional movement/activity or he increased his immobility. This admission that more is needed physically than TUE is quite an admission from the SS cult.

Could cardio be in the future deck of cards regarding SS?

The interview was very interesting. It was cool learning Ken’s whole background and that he played trumpet just like I did. He seems like a nice guy and a good storyteller. I’m not a fan of Super slow, but it was still an entertaining listen.

And yes the admission of needing to take walks to keep mobility was pretty surprising, even though it seems like common sense. However, Body by Science and Drew Baye generally refer to that as “recreational activity”, so I will definitely grant you that I was surprised to hear him mention that.

His frailty kind of surprised me. I don’t know if he was sick or just had stopped lifting, but it was unfortunate to see him in that state and hopefully he’s able to turn it around.

At the end , he admitted to a workout routine including squats, not the static variety

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Hutchins is, and has been very ill. His condition was undiagnosed for a long time, making him pretty much immobile

IMO, Mr. Hutchins is the greatest resistance training trainer currently alive even though he lacks credentials. He understands machines as much as anyone else living.

No one is perfect though!

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Disagree, although I should admit that I am biased and that my opinion of Hutchins and Drew Baye is heavily affected by what Arthur Jones said about both.


I know the history of Jones and Hutchins, not familiar with Jones comments about Baye. I have my own tho :rofl:

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