Darden Inspired Log (Home Training)

Chris, 53 years old. On 4th workout of 15-18 total workouts for this particular routine set up .(Sun Sept,27,2020). This routine goes until Oct. 31, 2020
Home Workouts:
—No Power rack
—No squats (hurts knees plus no power rack)
–No Barbell Bench Press (lift by myself)
The Workout: The workout takes approx 30 minutes. every 2nd or 3 rd workout add Rest-Pause (count to 10 then squeeze out 2-5 more reps). When an exercise reaches upper number add 2.5- 5 lbs for next workout… Use close to perfect form as possible (I believe way to stay injury free)

  1. Leg Extensions 1 x8 (warm up). 1 x 8-15 (max)
    2.Lying Leg Curls 1x 8-15 (max)
  2. Dumbbells at sides Squats 1 x 8-12 (max)
  3. EZ Bar Close-Grip Straight -Arm Pullover 1 x8-15 (max)
  4. Dumbbell Fly 1 x 8-12 (max)
    when Fly movement stalls switch to press for a few extra reps. 3-15 reps
  5. Reverse-Grip Bent Over Row 1 x 8-12 (max)
  6. Standing Barbell Military Press 1 x 6- 10 (max)
  7. Barbell Curl 1x 8-12 (max)
  8. Incline EZ-Bar Triceps Extension 1 x 8-15 (max)
    —when Ext finished immediately do close grip incline press (3-15 reps)
  9. Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises 1x 8-12 (warm up) 1 x 10-20 (max)
  10. Barbell Wrist Curls 1 x 12-20 (max)
  11. Crunch 1 x 12-25 (max)
  12. Lying Leg Raise 1 x 8-15 (max)
    ----if energy and motivation Deadlift 1 x6 (warm up) then 1 x 6-10 (max)
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Hey Chris,

Looks good, will by following:)


Hey Rob. Thanks. Its similiar to Darden The New HIT , Beginner #1. I have had this book a long time. I have had a habit of switching routines too often. Hoping to possibly change that. I am not a beginner technically, but I like starting out at #1. I would like the Darden e-book offered on this site, just chicken to spend the money. It depends of philosophy, goals, age ect. But for me, I respond to muliple sets when I train for power in the 6 rep or under range. In the 8-15 rep range, multiple sets seems like im spinning my wheels, and always use lighter weights to make it through the workout, so 1 max set is good to psych up for that 1 set, and 8-15 total sets for the workout.

Another thing I go back and forth with is Full Body vs Split. I like Arthur Jones perspective that the body should be worked as one unit, it makes sense to me. Only problem is your not able to use multiple exercises for bodyparts in a full body session. A persons could use a different exercise in different full body sessions though. Its an interesting situation. Which do you prefer? Full Body or Splitting?

Hey Chris,

Working the body as a whole unit; it does indeed make sense, to begin with, but as the resistance becomes heavier and heavier, the greater the demand is on the CNS, till eventually a FB workout becomes too much in one sitting.

I’m for splitting my workouts, just as I wouldn’t eat all my daily calories in a single sitting or get all my rest in a single “8hr” sleep. I break things up. With that said, I’m not for these 4, 5 or 6 way split routines, usually its upper / lower body for me.
After I deadlifted, leg pressed and push a several hundred pound prowler about the other day, there wasnt was nothing left in the tank.

But, go with what you think you’ll respond best too
PS, I’ve started a log on the over 35 forum

Yes that makes sense. Your probably alot stronger than I am. I never even did a prowler. I am not currently training to get my weights to a super high level. In my 30s (when I was the strongest) I could see doing 6 exercises max in one session. There are some people (like I think there is an article on this site) where just 1 push exercise, 1 pull, and 1 sqaut type, in one workout can be thought of as Full body. I normally just try to get 1 more rep per exercise than previous workout.

Wed. Sept 30, 2020 workout. Modified version of Nautilus circuit from the 1970s done with Barbell,Dumbbells

This workout took 18 min and 55 sec total. was pretty tiring. Felt good though afterwards. When I do this workout again Friday or Saturday, I may take a little bit longer between exercises to be able to increase at least 1 more rep on an exercise than done today… Time may stretch to 25-30 minutes. Although doing a fast circuit felt like it was a good aerobic workout, and currently hate riding my exercise bike. The Deadlift done first made me a bit breathless, and continued that near breathless state for the entire 19 minutes. was tough, but get tomorrow to rest! maybe rest friday also, we will see.

  1. Dead lift 1x8-12

  2. Leg Extension 1 x 8-12

  3. Lying Leg Curl 1 x8-12

  4. a. Seated Side Lateral Raise 1 x 8-12
    b. Seated Dumbbell Military Press 1 x8-12

  5. Bent-Arm Pullover with Triceps Bar 1 x8-12

  6. Bent-Over Row (regular grip) 1 x 8-12

7.a. Incline Dumbbell Fly 1 x 8-12
b.Incline Dumbbell Press 1 x 3-12

8 a. Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly 1 x 8-12
b. Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 1 x 3-12

  1. Barbell Curl 1 x 6-12

10a. Lying EZ-Bar Triceps Extensions 1 x 8-12
b. Close-Grip EZ-Bar Bench Press 1 x 5-15

  1. Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise 1 x 12-20

12a. Crunches 1 x 15-25
b. Lying Leg Raise 1 x 8-15

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October 1 (Thurs). Birthday month, will be 53. I really like this workout I did yesterday. Im either going to repeat it tomorrow (or Saturday) add 1-2 reps per exercise if possible. OR , I might devise my own workout with similiar Darden/A. Jones principles (1 set to failure). I have a book (the first bodybuilding I bought in 1981 New) but had to replace it. Joe Weider Bodybuilding The Weider Approach (Black book). In it, he states that bodyparts should be worked largest to smallest. Many Authors have said this. He does say virtually every bodybuilder (way back then) started the workout with Abs and/or calves) to warm up and also prioritize.
If I am ignorning that, this is the order he lsts as large to small.

  1. Thighs.

  2. Lats.

  3. Pecs, Calves.

  4. Traps, erector spinae

  5. Deltoids…

  6. Abs.

this is 11 total bodypart.s. So I put together a list of 12 exercises (Darden,Jones) to use first.

  1. Deadlift

2.Leg Ext.

  1. Lying Leg Curl
  2. Triceps-Bar Bent-Arm Pullover (Lats)
  3. Incline Fly-Press
  4. Flat Fly-Press
  5. Standing DB Calf Raise.
  6. DB Shrug.
  7. Side Laterals
  8. Lying Triceps Ext-Close=grip Pree
  9. Barbell Curl

12.Barbell wrist curl

  1. Crunch/Leg Raise.

this is more than 12 exercises but I have 2 for chest, 2 for abs.
So I want to use this workout sometime, it makes good sense.
Tomorrow (Friday or Saturday, or Monday )I plan on doing yesterdays workout or this one.

Its 4:30 am Friday Oct 2,2020. I woke up and decided to address my “routine hopper” problem. (it may never be fixed). But going back to the first program of this log, thats going to Oct. 31 ( 6 weeks) I don’t like listing weights on Forums, but will just for sake of progress (if any)

weights listed are from previous workout. I try to either add weight OR do 1 more rep than previous workout.

  1. Leg Extension 35 lbs warm up. 65 lbs x 11

  2. Lying Leg Curl 35 lbs x 10

3.Dumbbell Squat 30 lbs x 9

  1. Straight-Arm Pullover, this time with Tricep Bar. EZ Bar was 35 lbs x 11

5, Flat Dumbbell Fly then Press at end 30 lbs x 8 plus 3 press

  1. Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row 90 lbs x 9

7.Barbell Military Press 85 lbs x 7

  1. Barbell Curl 65 lbs x 9

  2. Lying Triceps EZ Extension Press at end. 35 lbs x 8 plus 5 press

  3. Dumbbell Standing Calf Raise 30 lbs x 8 (warm up) 45 lbs x 14

  4. Barbell Wrist Curl. 35 lbs x 15. (moving up to 40 lbs this workout

  5. Crunch and Leg Raise

Note. Always shoot for 12 reps in as perfect form as possible. 20 reps for calf, and 15 reps for forearms. Not fast reps (medium speed).
I may not increase reps this workout if I move at a fast pace. I might move fast for the aerobic effect. I have to look up how long the first workout was.*

—Sometimes I do Rest-Pause. over the years I found this very effective in increasing strength

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Second thought I may actually do a “routine Hopper” . Picking 8-12 exercises 1 set each, evolving based on needs for proportion, favorite exercises ect. I will write todays workout soon. Thanks

Repeated the “nautilus” 1975 workout I did wed. Took 2 minutes longer (22min 45 sec), but increased in most exercises.

Deadlift 40 more pounds (170) same reps (8)–i did this to make it easy to change weights. Leg Ext( 2 more reps), Leg curl (1 more rep). Superset Seated Side laterals (2 more reps) seated DB Military (1 more rep ). Tricep Bar Bent-Arm Pullover (1 more rep). Bent Over Row—NO INCREASE, stayed the same 8 reps. Superset Incline Fly ( 1 more rep) incline DB Press (same no increase). Superset DB Fly (same no increase) DB Bench (1 more rep), Barbell Curl (1 more rep), superset Lying EX Tricep Ext (2 more reps)-Close grip Bench (1 more rep). Standing DB Calf Raise (2 more reps), superset Crunch (1 more rep), Leg Raise (1 more rep)

Overall excellent workout,LOVE to see 1 rep increases from previous workout. It did take me 2 more full minutes to complete though, but at least its way under the goal of 25 minutes.

Good sweat,get to rest until Monday now (Thank God lol)

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I like this “Nautilus 1975” circuit modified to Barbell and dumbbells. Id like to stick with it. But we will see from “routine hopper”. Im not sure I could do it in the middle of summer, but right now its working pretty good. Its been about 70 in my apartment. I do work up a sweat, but not a bad sweat. I just don’t want to get injured by not having alot of “warm-up” sets.

Thanks for being Positive. I will look for your Log

what is your Topic named???

Hey Chris,

No worries, looks good. Do you still partial deads or decline press? If memory serves me they where your key lifts.
Oh my logs called deadlift, steak, beer, sleep, repeat lol

No partials or decline press. I don’t have a set up for partials in my apartment. My Deadlifts are technically like Deficit deadlifts because just use 25 lb standard 1 inch plates. I looked at your post in over 35, 6’4 290? Your a big man and strong too. keep it up!

Monday October 5,2020 10am workout. Repeated the 1975 Nautil circuit (done with weights)
took exactly 22 min. 30 sec

Triceps Bent-Arm Pullover (gained 2 reps)
gained 1 rep in the following exercises. (Deadlift, Leg Curl,seated side laterals, seated DB Military, Incline Fly, Flat Fly, Bent Row Barbell, Lying Tricep Ext, Calf raise, Crunch.
Leg Extensions moved up from 65 to 70 lbs and did 9 reps. Barbell Curl went down 5 pounds from 65 to 60 but only did 8 reps (I wanted 8-12 so good start).

The workout increased heart rate , panting and sweating. Glad I got it done in 22 min 30 sec.
Thursday I have a Dr. appointment for blood work. My next workout will be wed, or maybe friday. I can see taking a bit more rest days as the intensity of the workouts continues to climb