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DARD For Shins/Compartment Syndrome

Hi folks,

I’m about to make Hog Ear’s compartment syndrome/shin splint correcting DARD device ( http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=680677 ) but I’m not sure what training parameters are best for combating compartment syndrome.

From the reading I’ve done it seems C.S. is caused by the fascia around the anterior tibialis constricting the growing muscle which expands during exercise… If thats the case, should I aim to try and stretch this fascia by increasing the volume of my anterior tibialis with traditional hypertrophy techniques, or should I go for “functional mass” and try to avoid any mass increases?

I’m leaning towards the first option since it doesn’t SEEM that muscle strength is the problem… it seems like its just a failure of the compartment around the muscle to expand & facilitate the muscle… Stuffed if I know really!!