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Danzig Knocked Out


Old video but just cycled through my clicks on youtube.

Hilarioius! Where is the power of hell when you need it? Hmmm?

Cheap shot comment at end = funniest part.


of course it doesn't fucking embed. Will try to break link for copy and paste:

http:// www.youtube. com/watch?NR=1&v=zfD7agP1yxw

On second thought just take the spaces out.

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LOL, that wasn't even remotely close to being a cheap shot.

They always say to never underestimate the fat guy in a fight. Sloppy punch (esp. the back turn at the end), but fairly quick for a guy that size.


LOL. Yes, it is an old video, but still funny. Danzig tried to play tough guy and got his bitch card pulled. It's also hilarious how his cronies are screaming and yelling like the punch was unwarranted. You shove a guy what the hell do they expect him to do? You know all it's going to do is escalate. Well it escalated and he got embarrassed.



It seems easy to root for the muscular celebrity (especially going up against a fat dude). But ol' Glenn had it coming.


I have a feeling he thought he would push the dude and his security team would step in. I mean he left himself wide open for that.

Pretty funny for sure. I wonder how many people got fired that night?


After he got clocked, did he start screaming MOTHERRRRRRRR...........?


Pads don't hit back, Glenn:


I think he shouted "You're a Demon"


who's danzig


Well looky there, it did post.

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Danzig instantly became a pussy as soon as he quit the Misfits anyway, so...


9/10 times danzig would kill this guy. While it may not have been a sucker punch per se, he did catch Glen of guard.




This whole thing reminds of The Wedding Singer scene where the biker guy stands up for Billy Idol.


By not running away.




If Danzig was "off guard" after shoving the guy as hard as he could, then he has nobody to blame but himself..


That's BS. The fat guy's response was not equal to the initial assualt of Danzig. They should press charges and send that fat bastard to prison where he belongs. The nerve of people defending themselves.