Dante's Inferno

Holy crap this looks pretty sweet!


Any other games people are looking forward to?

I thought you meant the book… damn you America…

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
I thought you meant the book… damn you America… [/quote]

Nah figured most people around these parts have read or at least know about the poem.

I always thought this would be made into a movie before a video game. Actually, I was hoping that one day they would actually try to do a really dark and twisted movie based on the poem.

The game looks pretty cool, but I don’t have a console so I wont be playing it. I’ll still wait for the movie though.

Mass effect 2, the first was one of the best games I’ve played though i never played and of the KOTOR games.

Dantes Inferno - the scyth looks wicked. But I’m with Skaz05 about there being a movie before the game. Though if the game is a big enough success you cna be sure that a movie will follow.