Dante's Fertility Protocol

Dante Trudel posted this on another forum. It’s a protocol he uses with his bodybuilders who want to get their fertility back up to pre-steroid ravaged levels. He claims a 19/19 success rate with it.

It goes like this:

mon wens fri Repronex
Tues Thurs Sat Hcg
low dose clomid
low dose exemestane
were the mainstays

Repronex is hMG, in case you were wondering.

Thought that might be of use to some of you. You would drop T down to HRT levels or come off completely.

Stacking SERMs and hCG/hMG is a bad idea. High LH stimulation leads to high E2 levels, that adex cannot control, and possible LH receptor desensitization.

When on a SERM, one can test LH/FSH levels.

Your suggestions without suggested dosing is a problem. Doses should not be high!

One can keep testes from shutting down during cycles with hCG or SERM’s as I have suggested elsewhere.

oh yeah, I forgot the doses. He said it was 75iu hMG and 500iu hCG

Didn’t specify low dose clomid but I’d assume 25mg, and the AI would be judged by individual need.

Obviously Dante’s no doctor but he’s been using this protocol to get his client’s wives/girlfriends knocked up for years

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i’m pretty sure that on-cycle SERM suggestion has been clearly refuted…

KSman, please take time to go through Igs’s results in the above thread posted by cyco. The on-cycle SERM advice could be potentially deleterious.