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Dante's 1 to 2 Gram of T Per Week Rec


I read the article Cycling for Pennies, by Jason Mueller and Dante Trudel when it first appeared online some years ago. I do not plan on using steroids (at least not for quite some time, if I ever do). However, I enjoy learning all I can on all things bodybuilding related. If I recall correctly, and I am sure that I am, they suggested that newbies to steroids and even seasoned veterans should stick to testosterone during the off, size building season and that one should not bother trying to obtain exotic anabolic steroids that do not aid in much size building.

They recommended that one start with about 600 mg of T and slowly progress from cycle to cycle up to 1 to 2 GRAMS of T per week. What does everyone think of this? I once met a very well known powerlifter at a seminar, whom I am sure most of you know of, who once told me "I just use massive amounts of test, up to 2 grams per week, when close to a show".


Would it be possible (I'm asking the vets or anyone really) that the man's receptors are so desensitized that the 2g of test really works about the same as a dose meant for someone like me?


Most of the vets will tell you there seems be to a sweet spot with respect to weekly gear intake. 1200-1500mg a week is the prime zone on median average. That's orals plus injectables et al. The further you get past 1500mg a week the more the sides increase and the less proportional the gains are


Brick Dante would probably have a heart attack if he saw this thread lol. He was talking about what his experiences with what the average VERY advanced super heavyweight bodybuilders in his area were doing. Basically blasting test, 1-2 other anabolics and GH if they could afford it. Also keep in mind most of that stuff was written 5-8 years ago and some of his methods are slightly updated.

He said he never went above 1250 mg a week and was a human wall,he is for as responsible use as possible(time off or blast/cruise, moderate dosages etc) and not the bludgeoning that some people seem to put themselves through.


This quote from a recent thread is worth seeing for this discussion, or any AAS discussion. This was taken from Pro Muscle and the context was "Why do bodybuilders make everything so complicated?"

"c) Drugs, It couldnt be as simple as everyone else out there who starts out using drugs....the slow journey from 400mg testosterone and 200mg of some anabolic compound a week with small jumps upward when you hit plateaus. How many pro bodybuilders have good buddies they trained with during their development of physique years? Buddies doing the exact same drugs as themselves. Maybe that buddy was even getting the drugs for that pro and knew exactly what he was doing. How come all those friends of pro bodybuilders got dwarfed in a short time period? How come all those friends of pro bodybuilders who were doing the same stuff never got their pro cards, never even won their state show, never even won a small show and maybe werent even in the top 5 biggest guys in that gym? Could it have been bodybuilding genetics, genetic response to drugs and training and not some magical drug stack?

Nope Joe Bodybuilder cant have that. Its not fair for him to think himself as a lesser mortal than others. He cannot deal with the fact that MOM and POP robbed him of incredible genetics that can do a set of halfass barbell curls and grow 1/2 inch. He has to make it right in his head. And he does that by going by the notion that every single pro bodybuilder (or hell anyone who is bigger than him) is "loaded to the gills", and is using magical compounds he doesnt know about. If only he too could get ahold of those magical compounds, then he would reap the glory of massiveness!

****Dante: When as an example I train a gigantic offseason pro a couple years back and he is 335lbs...and he confides in me "Dante I only use 750mg of test a week, and even that makes me break out so I never go over that...I hate breaking out! Went to 1000 once and it was awful so I stay at 750" "I am not loaded with money, things are tight so I use 400mg of deca in the offseason with it, I have never used GH, cant afford it...like I said things are really tight financially"

and then I see guys on these boards with these mega volume stacks of 10 different compounds including IGF, MGF, insulin, GH, and some rare testosterone blend from Portugal (its got to be the secret!).....all the while weighing 208 lbs

you kind of get a different perspective on things."


i read that board regularly, i do like it.

Good post/quote scott.

i agree totally too..


Thank you for the information.


This is a related topic and I don't really want to make a new thread about it...

I'm interested in what some guys thoughts here are about Dante's method of blasting and cruising over extended periods of time. For those unfamiliar he suggests(instead of staying straight "on" for months on end) 4-8 weeks "blast" and 2-3 weeks "cruise" and either back on, or come off, the choice is up to the individual.

Blasting looks like any normal cycle with usually a test base and maybe another anabolic or two, adex used lightly if need be to keep bloat off and possibly HCG 2x week to keep the boys up to size.

The cruise is either low dosage test(200-300 mg prop)or low dosage prop and then HCG ED the second and several of the ancillaries all the way through the cruise. The most common recommendation I've seen is a tapering dosage of clomid ED, adex and novla ED at pretty standard dosages.

The thought is to come AS CLOSE to normalizing as possible while still having the benefits of long term cycling. Obviously there will not be full recovery here but the thinking is to send signals every few weeks to keep things from getting horribly suppressed. There will still be exogenous test floating around of course, but he believes the right signals will still be sent to some degree.

Any experience with this or similar protcols?

  • For the record Dante doesn't recommend cycling for anyone, but offers that as an alternative to staying on full blast long term
    ** also for the record I am very new to the AAS game and will not be able to debate this(nor do I want to lol), just throwing out what he has said in the past openly


Gems like this are why I keep reading this board. Great post, as usual, Scott.


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I agree with the test and masteron, The dosages are good to the point, you will not sacrafice health.


If you are not competing, I don't know why you would ever need more than 500mg per week.


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