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Dante Being a Silly Mofo


Just before the end:

"Is that a rest pause?"

0:32 - "How many Weider principles do you think you used there?"

From the man himself: "How to tell that your not doing DC training right.....if you find yourself using this exercise.....please pack up your gymbag and go home."

Finally, the SECRET to DC training!



seem like a bunch of cool dudes to hang out with.


The Pancake House!

Damnit, I guess I'll never be like that. We don't have them in Canada :frowning:


secret to big calves :


Awesome! I've seen the old ones, but haven't seen some of the new ones (mass on tris, incline HS.) About time he finally posted some more.

No, he's just a tough-guy who wants to be an internet guru, remember?


hah that one is the best.


LOL. Gets me thinking "I've got lagging calves... and hairy legs."


where is Dante from? he has a Boston-esque accent


I thought he said Massachusetts somewhere, but I could be wrong. I know he lives in Cali, though.




word to Big Bird

MA in the house

i bet he's from Medford


LOL. Would be great if these guys went around the weight room with the camera and just narrated why everyone in there was wasting their time.

funny guys...


HAHA what a stupid little dance


That was the greatest thing I have ever seen.


sorry for off-topic guys, was just curious to find out who is that guy in your avatar 300andabove?


I think it's Lee Priest... before he got all the distracting ink done.


Those guys are awesome. One of my favs from the Dante quote thread at IM...

if "having a pal" was between you and a chimp from the local zoo, Id be buying a shitload of bananas at the grocery store right now.


The one where he is on the phone is priceless. Serious mind-muscle connection. :slightly_smiling:


'we're goin to the one with the counter-weight now?'


wtf does that even mean