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If anyone has been following the Staley Bootcamp Thread, you may all notice that Dan John has made quite an impression on virtually everyone who attended.

He is a presence on this site, but not a superstar, and that is a shame.

If you guys have not taken the opportunity to read any of his articles or go to his personal website, www.danjohn.org , he is chock full of knowledge and experience.

He taught a group of T-maggers to squat, snatch, and jerk in 20 minutes. He is frigging huge and an accomplished discus thrower. He will hook any and all of the guys in his social group up with women, and cock block any outsider guys that may be talking to those women at the time. And he is one of the most engaging speakers and teachers I have ever heard. But most importantly, just talking to him, you get the impression that Dan John 'gets it', really in every aspect in life.
I guess this may seem like a Dan John e-handjob, but at bootcamp he introduced himself in a big way to T-Nation. I hope all the other readers take the opportunity to learn from him as well.

just my $.02


I never met Dan John , however Im very familar with his literature.He was the one , who introduced me to T-Nation. What I really liked about Dan ,was that he was there ( im talking about his site) to educate anyone that was willing to listen.And basicly he was doing it for free!His e book is free! He may make a few bucks from his lectures ,but I sure its worth while.
Some of the other authors are trying to make a buck ,which is fine.Their goal is simple , sell product.Some good ,some bad. Some new ,some have been around for a long time.

Dan wants you to make progress.When I read material from his site , I feel he wants to share his knowledge .Other sites are basicly a marketting tool. If you buy the book ,you must buy the video and then buy the ab machine-thing.
One day I d love the chance to meet him


So would I. You can't fake the sort of feedback that I've been reading in the thread from the Staley bootcamp. It guts me that I'm nowhere near the USA and won't be anytime soon.

Not to denigrate Dan in any way, but where's there's one, there must be more. Where are the hiding?

Does Ireland have a Danny Seán? Cá bhfuil tú a Dhanny Seán?

Is France hiding a master? Où êtes vous Danny Jean

And more locally (for me)
¿Donde estás Danny Juan? ¿Somewhere in Spannerland reading this? If so, pipe up, I'll track you down.

I'll stop now.


Two points:

I thoroughly disagree - I think he is a superstar and many share that opinion. Any new article he submits is always received well and mostly with comments such as "hit the nail right on the head" and feelings of "I gotta go work out now". There aren't that many questions because it's stuff we should all know and take in immediately.

Absolutely dying laughing here.


Dan John is the man. His personality attracts all, and he likes to be "in the trenches" with the readers. He has fun, he teaches you things for free, and he has a lot of knowledge to share.

You're the man, Dan! I hope to attend more seminars with you.

There is talk about a two-day lifting seminar with Dan John. That would be cool.

Although I knew how to do the Olympic lifts, the 20-minute session he taught us at the bootcamp would have saved me a lot of time and frusturation many years ago when I first learned them under a nationally-ranked O-lifter. Also, the "chin forward" technique was something I had never learned and made all the difference during his quick instruction on the lifts. That's awesome.

If you ever get a chance to meet Dan John in person, you will not be disappointed and will have a great time chatting. And he is genuinely interested in listening as well as giving advice/tips.

Oh yeah, he's a ladies man. Even if others have no game, he will help you. LOL!

"One free cock block!"


Hi All
Whenever I haven't been on T-Nation for a few days and browse the new articles I always read Dan first. All the writers here are good but Dan is wise.

Regards Youch


I'm a HUGE Dan John fan. I recommend everybody read his newsletter, "Get UP!"


I too am a huge Dan John fan. A word of encouragement or instruction from him is priceless.

"From Dad to Grad" is must reading for anyone with children approacing adulthood.

A 2 day seminar with Dan John!! I think I need to change my DEPENDS. Nmae the place and I'll be there.


I agree Dan is the Man but I dont agree to the fact he isnt a super star. He IMO has one hell of a following and fans. Im one.

His network is just more of a non groupie quiet real person type much like Dan himself. Just honest and straight forward.

You know the kind of respect guys have for John Wayne types. You dont run around blowing smoke. He's approachable. I suggest taking the chance to share some conversation and have a drink with Dan. You will leave a better person. Motivated and grounded.

Keep up the work.

Theres my official brown nosing for Dan John. Keep up the great work. Hope to share some more Classic times swilling drinks, talking shop, and harassing women.



I read his Tabata artilce 2 days before the Boot Camp and was stoked to meet the author in real life...and be able to TALK to him.

Plane Ticket to AZ: $300

Seat at Staley Boot Camp: $450

Hanging out with Dan John at a bar for 2 nights: Priceless





The "Anti-Bastard" that's who. smiley face whatever thing.


Well, you certainly have humbled me. My brother called to harass me about all this...but, I appreciate it.

I really enjoy doing this "stuff." The discussions, the talk...but I love the coaching and training, too. So, I hope that carries over. I like what I do. I really appreciate this thread...it's like being at your own funeral...in a way. I'm not dead: that's a big difference.