Danny Bossa, a Question if You Please


First let me say that I’m not interested in some heated and long drawn out debate. This thread is for CIVIL conversation. This applies to all and I know that @dbossa is not the only one on this forum that can get heated. That blame falls to many, including myself at times.

This thread is for the sake of a simple question and answer…agree or disagree. Period.

I just watched the video you posted here.

I don’t want to start a debate, and I especially don’t want to hijack someone else’s thread, so I started this one to get your feedback on a few questions I had concerning this…

First a statement. EVERYONE knows your position concerning AIs and E2… I actually agree with that philosophy and was on board even when @physioLojik was sounding this trumpet some time ago. No arguments there.

Now my question which will be prefaced for clarity… You mentioned (again) in this video that you take 300mg of Testosterone per week. I have no reason to doubt your claim, but your group advocates that everyone should use higher doses of testosterone than is normal (not saying normal is correct) in order to be “optimized”. I’m not even really saying that I disagree with this, in and of itself. You also stated that you are getting frustrated with guys trying to lump “bio identical” testosterone in with synthetic anabolics. Again…kudos. No arguments here.

Where I take issue is, and this has been brought up several times without answer, most guys would have to inject 200+mg of testosterone per week in order be optimized by your groups standard. I’m not totally against that, but I submit that there has yet to be an answer to the question…what doctor in the United States can prescribe this amount of injectable testosterone legally?

I can’t speak for other countries, and this is a world wide forum, but in the US, this creates a HUGE conflict. If these guys can’t find a legal route to achieve this newly defined optimization, then what do you think they’re going to do? They will have to turn to UGL sources. Now if they do that, then don’t you think that there is a more than reasonable chance that they will not be getting bio identical testosterone?

You said yourself that synthetic lab made shit is very bad, and all of the studies demonizing testosterone are valid when speaking in terms of synthetics, but the philosophy you preach, at least here in the US, will lead guys to an avenue where that will be their only option.

What happens when these guys become the statistic man? Is your group going to just redirect and say “well, they shouldn’t have been fucking around with synthetic shit. We told them!!” (Which would be accurate of course)

Shouldn’t you at least be disclaiming some of the philosophical optimization practices by saying, hey…this is what you need, but if you live in the US…sorry buddy you’re shit out of luck? You’re better off not being optimal than taking your chances on UGL?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your thoughts.

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Where did the idea that doctors will get in trouble for Rxing more than 200mg per week? Is this a thing?

Yes it is. It’s stupid, but they can’t legally prescribe more than the recommended “max dose”, (at least without taking the chance of being reported to the feds and possibly losing their license to practice medicine) which is 200mg per week. Says it right on the label…

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And look guys, let me be the first to say that I’m not a doctor or a lawyer lol. This is just my understanding of the laws governing testosterone in the United States, and I very well could be wrong.

If that is proven to be the case, I will GLADLY be wrong. I would love to have the documented evidence to show my doctor when I get this argument from him.

Hi, and thanks for your message. I have a simple answer for you:

I do NOT want anyone going to get UGL grade testesterone to raise their levels if a doc is unable to prescribe more than 200mg. Let’s be clear about that.

The vast majority of men can get optimized with 200mg a week, especially if they are doing daily or, at the very least, EOD shots. The issue is some docs won’t even give more than 100 or 150. If that is the case, change docs and find one who will.

The vast majority of docs see levels that are ‘high’ and insist on lowering the dose when the patient is finally feeling better. It’s not up to you to teach your doc. Find one that knows how this stuff works. I have found several that do, I don’t make a dollar referring them, and I am constantly trying to find new ones in areas that I have none. If you know a great forward thinking doc, please let me know so I may speak with him/her and refer people as required if I believe they know what they are doing. 99% don’t.

The trans-scrotal cream is the current best option. Why? It’s because it is a compounded product which is not heavily regulated like injectables. Docs using this method have been able to acheive much higher levels on free T than they ever could on injections, with an added DHT boost which most men are absolutely loving, and nobody gets in trouble. I know several that do this and looking for others that do it as well.

I am not tied to any one doc. Yes, Dr Nichols taught me most of what I know just as Dr Rouzier taught him. I keep looking for other docs with this same thinking so that when someone is in need of help I know exactly where to send them.

This is done in my own spare time. It is my way of doing something good for people out there who are suffering.

I hope this answers your question. If I missed anything, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer with more detail.

If you want to get DROWNED in information, watch this webcast I did yesterday with Dr Eric Serrano. He’s a very close friend of mine and one of the smartest people I know. It’s like having a conversation with a savant. He knows EVERYTHING. I have no idea how he remembers all of these details and accesses them on a whim. To me, he’s like the George Carlin of the medical world.


It’s not the doctors that got the idea. It’s due to the label insert on injectables. It clearly states no more than 200mg a week. So they have to abide by those rules or the medical boards come down on them.

I have guys doing research at this very moment to bring new literature to the masses to show what TRT is SUPPOSED to be now so that the guidelines change and men can get what they actually need.

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One last thing:

ALL testosterone is bioidentical. The body does not differentiate between the testosterone molecules made endogenously and the ones you inject or apply by cream.

Anabolic steroids are NOT testosterone. They are synthetic derivatives of testosterone.

UGL testosterone is still testosterone… But you cannot be certain of the dosage or purity. You have no idea what it may have been contaminated with. You’re taking a big risk using it compared to pharma grade. Plenty of men out there using UGL for a very long time, but they are still putting themselves at risk.


Totally DROWNED in info. Omg. You can’t multi task listening to that.

Right!? When I do webcasts with him I need to watch it three times because I keep missing bits!

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Nobody says to take 200mg a week . What we say is “it seems more men need more T today than previous to produce the benefits we want through TRT”.

We aren’t just looking to feel good. We look at this as preventative medicine. We want a health brain, heart, bones, muscle, skin and other values like BP insulin and etc…

Today there are so many toxins attacking men left and right. This is proven by the amount of men who have such low t and lower levels than similarity aged men 50 years ago.

I started on a really high dose and as I started to feel better I was told to find an optimal dose. The minimum I need for all the awesome benefits. There is no need to take 250 mg if 200mg works for you jsut as well.
Or 180.

This observation is just that. The answers are best guesses as to why this is being observed. EDC, toxiic environment and diets and etc

They have to properly document and show the need for more T. Even then they can get in trouble because it’s out of the norm. Nosey pharmacists and boards.

Why do we need MORE testosterone now than we did before??

Watch this from 15:50

If anyone needs a doc that will prescribe 200mg+ (and can’t find one on their own) my email is in my bio. I’ll put you in touch with mine. I get 220mg/week personally.


@dextermorgan It’s good there are docs with balls.
It is understandable why the docs are afraid in the USA. You have medical boards and they can be sued. But in my country Bulgaria, nobody will sue a doctor except if anything really serious happens and most of the time even if somebody dies the doctor will get away. The people that will sue him are also doctors and no doctor will put in jail another doctor here.
The bottom line is the doctors here will not prescribe this much of a testosterone not of a fear but out of stupidity only.

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Search his name on ‘The Lifting Dermatologist’ YouTube channel and you will see several webcasts that he has done. I’m honored to consider this man a friend.

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Thank you very much Danny for taking the time and clarifying the UGL viewpoints for your group. That’s the only real issue that I’ve had is the way that the statements could be implicated. This goes a long way in making things a little more black and white in a very grey TRT world, especially when new ground is being broken. Thanks again.

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You are quite welcome!

Keith and I are planning a number of podcasts to address some of this type of thing. Sometimes we say things like “Get your free T up” without thinking that someone out there might figure he needs to get UGL to accomplish it. Other guys say “My free T is 40 and I still have issues” where we are making the assumption that the guy is otherwise healthy, eating well, exercising. We need to take a step back and start making what we say ‘dummy proof’. If you’re obese, eat McDonalds all day, and are a couch potato, you can dial in your T until you are blue in the face and nothing will happen.

I went an entire year without training and eating ‘so-so’. Keith had to go an entire year doing the same due to back and hand surgeries. His T levels remained the same (dose never changed) but lots of symptoms returned. I finally got my home gym done in my new home and started training 6 days a week since the last two weeks and it’s incredible how much better I feel. Night and day. Meanwhile my dose remains unchanged.

All this stuff works hand in hand. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.


100% agreed. Health is a three legged stool. Diet, exercise, and hormones. The stool cannot stand if any one leg is missing.


This was a great lunch time listen. Thanks. I love Serrano.

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Here’s another one we did in May with Eric when I was just getting into this social media/YouTube stuff: