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Danny Bonaduce on the News?


Ok, someone has got to let me know what happened between Danny and that other guy. It's been on the news all day but the tv is on mute because of the xm radio playing at the gym i work at. Could someone please let me know what function this was at and why Danny did what he did?


Well, Danny was really happy to see her but since he was in front of all of his friends he had to act cool and kinda blow her off. Well then Sandy felt totally humiliated and said Danny wasn't the guy she met at the beach and........ oh shit, you said Danny Bonaduce and a guy didn't you, snap! Shit man I thought you said Zuko. Can't help you bro.

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OK bro it's friday and the gym is dead. Give me a break!!


I googled it and this is what came up:

Bonaduce Under Investigation After Awards Fight
Former child star Danny Bonaduce has been named as the suspect in a felony battery report after allegedly beating up a U.S. reality TV star at an awards show.

The "Partridge Family' star stunned the audience at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on Tuesday night when he jumped up onstage and attacked "Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay.

The reality star lost a few teeth in the fracas, according to TMZ.com.

Speaking on the Adam Carolla radio show in Los Angeles on Wednesday, co-host Bonaduce admitted he has had a thing against Fairplay ever since the reality TV star lied about his grandmother dying, in order to get sympathy on the show.

Bonaduce revealed the fight started after Fairplay -- real name Jon Dalton -- poked fun at him from the stage.


C'mon Somebdies got to know?


I heard the other guy jumped on his back to give him a hug or something at some bullshit awards show and Bonaduce threw the guy off him and the guy landed on his face.

I wish I could see the video.


Just some good natured smart assery my friend. Knowing him he went into a roid rage and attacked someone.



Here is the video. I just read the DA is tossing out the charges.


Are you guys serious? You'd let some guy jump on you and start humping you? Whole lot of gay going on in this thread..


Yeouch! That's gotta hurt! He got all his front teeth knocked out! Man, that hurts just thinking about it.

That Bonaduce looks like a Bona-DOUCHE-e, does he think he is some sort of bad-ass or something?

Anyway, the guy who jumped on him probably deserved it. But there really is no need to strut afterwards like that. It just makes you look petty, and pretentious.