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Danny Amon 1545 (Sleeve Only) @198

Been sulking for a day so that I could write this in good spirits.

Did another water load, then sodium/carb cut and 24-hour food/water fast to weigh in at 198 on the dot from 204. This sucked and I’ll probably just cut carbs and sodium for two days next time and make up the difference in the sauna.

I proceeded to then eat an impossibly good 16-oz steak and other goodies at Texas Roadhouse: https://instagram.com/p/1q3gdPKPM8/
Binge ate the rest of the day and felt preeeetty good by bed. Got a solid 7 hours and slept 7-8 all week to make sure I was rested up properly. Also went without stims for 3 days to get uber sensitive, and I was only taking in about 300mg of caffeine a day anyway.

475 good
505 good
530 good (28-lb meet PR, 15-lb all-time PR) instagram.com/p/1oreEiKPJ2/
Perfect start, perfect peak. Squat made huge strides this time around and I was using wraps for my last two meets. So happy I switched…much less to worry about. Will make a strong push toward 600 in August.

400 good
430 good
455 no lift, missed at lockout
No freaking clue how I didn’t lock this. This felt like what 425 was feeling like in training, felt lighter than the 450 I benched successfully in November, and I was 100% sure I had it on the unrack. In reality, I have to change my setup. I’ve now been to at least 6 meets using this setup, and I’ve felt completely loose and slippery at every single one. This is clearly a me issue and I obviously need to get my feet under me more. I missed this lift right around where I usually drive through my feet the most, so that’s the likely culprit.

585 good
640 no lift
640 no lift
Annnnnd I flew off the rails and went full retard after that missed bench. I was told by multiple lifters/friends to make smaller jumps on DL. But I got cocky and made a jump from 1 to 2 that was at least 20 pounds more than any jump I made in training. My big head saw 675 and wanted 1600 in my second attempt. Better planning would have accounted for the possible miss on bench, which should have changed my strategy to making sure I reached my 1600 goal above all else. Could have done 620 on 2 and still attempted an all-time pr of 645/650 and would almost certainly have had it. But I rushed my setup too much and never got as upright as I normally am. And I have never missed a DL that close to lockout.

455/640 misses: instagram.com/p/1trGMdqPHy/

Execution was terrible and wasted a fantastic peak. I’ve never felt this good at a meet. But I need to fix my bench setup and make smaller jumps on deadlift. The CNS is pretty taxed at that point and it’s just not smart making such a big jump.

My buddy Sean Linio totaled 1720 @198 in wraps and squatted 700 instagram.com/p/1n4Bp4NN4z/
My friend Sarah went 385/155/405 @165 in her first full meet instagram.com/p/1qcyRKDzsD/
Our new friend Kelsey smoked a 405 DL @165, then pulled 415 and 420 in the warmup area after getting called for ramping, and she’s 17 freaking years old.
My client went 325/150/285 and she’s been lifting for 7 months

All in all, I had an amazing time even though I was disappointed in myself. Still had a 24-lb PR total even after switching from wraps to sleeve-only and I feel great about squat. But I’m capable of much more and expect greatness, so I have a huge chip on my shoulder now and can’t wait for August. Check out my training log if you want to follow my journey into squatting everyday during my next prep.