Dani's Rebel Log 🏴‍☠️

HAHAHA YES! It reminds me of a pale pink nightgown my mom wore in the 90s. She hated the color but my grandma kept gifting her pale pink nightgowns.

Weirdly enough, I think my mom would love for me to wear that dress. :joy:

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Well now I just wish you lived out here because we need to be friends in real life. :relaxed:

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FOR REAL!! :heart:

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Well, if it’s any consolation, my mom would love it if I did a lot of things that I don’t… :rofl:

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Ah moms, gotta love em! :relaxed:

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Leggie Day!

Leg Press: 125 unbroken reps

You guys are not going to believe what happened today. It proves how much power the mind has over the body.

So I was working through the 100 reps while listening to In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. And as usual, reps 60 to 100 felt like pure torture. I wanted to stop every time the sled made it to the top.

But the moment I hit 100 was the exact time the drum solo hit: Ba bum, buh bum, bum bum, bum. bum. buum.

And the most bizarre thing happened. The fatigue didn’t matter anymore. My quads were on fire, but it would’ve been criminal to stop. The emotions took over. And I repped out 25 more reps, but they were different: fiery, passionate, almost-angry reps. It was epic.

More Leg Press: 5x5
Set 1: 90
Set 2: 140
Set 3: 160
Set 4: 160
Set 5: 160

Had to pee at set 4, but didn’t want to abandon my machine. I also set my timer for every minute on the 3 minutes. This gave me about 2 minutes and 45 seconds to rest between sets. I needed the extra time today.

It appears as though I may be progressively overloading this exercise and the hammer strength chest press on upper body day. Maybe I’m not so rebellious after all.

Swiss Ball Ham Curl: 3x12

Got a text from the contractor saying he would be over in 45 minutes, so I had to put a rush on the rest of the workout because there was stuff I had to do before he came over.

Abductor Machine: 1 long drop set

Questions for anyone dropping by:

  1. Has there ever been a time when your emotions made you out-perform your expectations or workout plans?

  2. And how do you feel about improvisation during a workout? I know a lot of trainers look down on that – probably for good reason – but what’s your personal philosophy on it?


If any guy says he hasn’t found the extra energy for a bonus rep or two when a nice looking gal walks by, he’s lying like a rug. Doesn’t happen to me of course. Pretty sure no other women train at our gym. Never noticed.



Have a plan but be able to alter that plan at any time. Maybe you didn’t sleep great the night before. Maybe something is hurting. Or, practically, maybe the machine/bench/rack you need is being used and you have to get a move on with your workout, so you switch exercises. In the end, it doesn’t matter as much as many coaches would have you believe.


Chaos IS the plan


I do whatever I want all the time.

No, wait, I’m married with kids.

I think I’m pretty aligned with @Chris_Shugart on this. I have a basic plan (because I read it off my phone!) when I walk in, but at least 10% will always change based on what hurts or what someone else is using or whatever.


Yep. Emotions can definitely unlock a lot of untapped energy. Like a nitrous button!

Also, I’m firmly in dress A camp. :+1:

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It’s funny you mention this. I can make you grunt just by walking past you mid-set. I’m not sure if this is because you start using more effort, or you start vocalizing subconsciously to sound like you’re using more effort.

Either way it’s endearing, and I’m always impressed by the weight you use.

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This cracked me up!

That seems reasonable. The more injuries and irritations you have to work around, the more of a benefit improvisation becomes.

And I wonder if some people get out of shape over the years because they get injured, and then don’t have the toolbox or desire to improvise. If all you can do is the big three, and you wreck your knees and shoulders, well, then you’re down to just one lift.


So dang true! And now I’m wondering what we can do to trigger emotions that make us more productive and passionate about doing hard stuff.

Music usually isn’t that trigger for me.

Thank you!! So I just ordered 3 more dresses. :joy:

I think the bride is wanting a really elegant look. And even though that dress is sexy, I think it’d be better for a date night than this particular event.

It’s taken me a while to figure out what aesthetic she was wanting but now I think I’ve got it! Hopefully all my posts about dresses didn’t make this community too annoyed.

Turns out my log is more of a journal than a recording of my workouts.

I used to be the Rage lifter. Metal blasting, overhyped, and usually injured. :rofl:

It was actually Dr. Jack Singer who did a Hardcore Hypnosis thing on here many moons ago that changed my mind.

Now I’ve noticed I get more done and easier when I’m in a better place and feeling good/happy, work, lifting, family, and otherwise.

I haven’t had to hit the rage button much in a long while, and was told its not very good to hit it too often, as your body and brain get better at doing that the more frequently you do it.

My log is a bit off the rails too, so I dont mind the journaling at all.

Coincidentally I used “The Trooper” from Iron Maiden yesterday to charge to the end of a cardio session.


Seems like the norm for super strong, serious lifters: rap or metal. It’s a stark contrast to the days when I’m blasting peppy stuff from Hall and Oats, Whitney Houston, Paul Simon, and Huey Lewis and The News. LOL.

Amazing! I wouldn’t have expected that outcome, but it’s great to hear. Let me know if I can recommend some 80s yacht rock for you.

What?! This is incredible information. Because if we can make our brains better at being ragey simply by tapping into that state of mind more often, then what else can we get them better at? Being sociable, relaxed, driven, etc? Is it possible to “practice” being in a state of mind in order for that to be the norm?

Mating call.

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The problem with having elderly friends at the gym: When they go missing for a while, you don’t know if they’re playing pickle ball or if they died.

I was about to do an exercise yesterday when my friend Debbie rushed over and said that one of the men at our gym (80+ years old) passed away. This man was a regular on the stepmill, and he even climbed manitou incline at 80 years old. Super fit. I actually didn’t know him, but given the description: smaller gentleman with silver hair, I thought it was one of my other friends!

So yesterday on the way home from the gym, Chris and I mourned one of our friends who wasn’t actually dead.

Then when I saw him this morning I freaked out and gave hugs. Apparently he just decided to play pickle ball instead of going to the gym. I love these people so much. They’ve invited us to a little party at the end of this month.

Guess I won’t break out the edibles when I attend that.


I worked at my town’s Y for a while and the older people were always the most consistent - they’d be there at the exact same time every single day (usually doing the exact same routine, too). I always felt the same way when they didn’t show up - “wait a minute…did something bad happen??”