Dani's Rebel Log

Today’s Workout

  • Abs

  • RDL

  • Walking Lunge

  • Seated Ham Curl

Shoulder Super Set:

  • Cable Rear Delt Flye
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise

I’ve been organizing sessions by emphasizing either upper body or lower body, but then tossing in a muscle group on the opposite side, like shoulder work or leg press if it’s a mostly-upper day.

This will seem ineffective to those who believe you must always follow a plan prescribed by someone with a certification. But muscles react to tension and stress. And if you challenge them sufficiently and consistently, you will get results.

Easter Sunday

Chris and I got to serve at church for the earliest service and then attend the second one. There was a huge turnout, and we were mostly in the auditorium helping people find seats. What’s crazy is how daunting that task used to seem to both of us: asking strangers if you can help them find a place to sit, then asking people who are worshipping if you can squeeze a family of five into the seats next to them because they’re at the end of a row. Somehow this has become like a game to us. It’s surprisingly fun.

And then we hiked, and did some unplanned rucking.

Anyone else watch the Road House movie? On Saturday night we watched the new one with Jake Jyllenhaal, and then after dinner on Sunday, we watched the Patrick Swayze version. There were far more abs in the new one but both were good!