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It’s insane. And doctors are quick to prescribe birth control to any young teen who has acne. Been there, regretted that.

Funny how my doctor never recommended healthy eating and exercise. Because that’s what ended up working. My bodybuilding coach had me cut out all junk food, most dairy, and processed carbs, (so basically a paleo diet before that was trendy), and my skin incidentally cleared up.

RIP Coach Joe Pete. If I hadn’t met him I’d be obese right now.

She was so smart to find a better option because the pill is not just the pill. And it’s all so dang tricky. There are some that don’t have nearly the drawbacks as others.

I’m grateful to not be on it. In fact, I make it a goal to be as fertile as possible even though I’ll never have kids. (Chris got the snippy-snip years before we met.) :scissors:

You’re far more informed than most men and a whole lot of women (including younger-me).

She would be open to that I’m sure. So if you’re thinking I should retest, I will. Maybe in January or February? That site you linked to above is awesome!

I’m posting it again because it might be handy for anyone swinging by: Fast Hormone Blood Testing for Women Near You

His teaching style is entertaining and it seems like most of what he says – on YouTube at least – is great advice. But on just one or two things (ROM, RPE, for instance) I’ve been a little more skeptical.

Okay THIS speaks volumes. I trust what experts actually do over what they say you should do.


Good points!

Yeah that makes sense and that seems like what I’ve seen too.

We probably all need this. So good for you! high-five

Paul Carter was a paid contributor who wrote articles for us. People loved his opinions! So I don’t think that’s why he’s not submitting articles here any longer.

This is going to sound odd, but sometimes strength coaches submit articles here for a while and then decide it’s not a thing they have time for anymore. Or perhaps they feel like their content is better spent on social media. Who knows?

But people in this community love your advice and hot takes. I believe this is true even when they disagree with you. Do you have controversial opinions? Sure! But if there’s something we don’t like about what you said, we have many options: scrolling right on past, discussing it, debating it, agreeing to disagree, or any other healthy reaction.

But I understand feeling the need to back off a bit.

I must’ve missed the PC stuff you’re talking about. It seems like there’s a pretty wide variety of perspectives here with more libertarian and conservative-leaning voices than most internet platforms. But if I’m wrong, then that’s another reason you need to stick around!

Listen to Thomas Sowell.

Actually, come to think of it, I’m pretty bad at this. :joy: