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So dang true! Zoning out can totally get mistaken for staring.

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In related news:

And weirdly, she paid a lot to get that attention she doesn’t want.


Meanwhile, most people are looking at her thinking, “ouch!”

I have to hold back most of the time. I am a natural at witty comments.

If I remember correctly, I told the 20 something in the muscle shirt, that I needed more them some eye candy on the couch and that sadly he was not enough eye candy to be in the running.

My bf (we have been together now for almost 20 years) was laughing pretty hard.


From the Babylon Bee. (Satire site for those who don’t know.)


Upper Body-ish Day!

100 unbroken leg presses
This takes about as long as Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana. Also, that seems to be a good tempo for these. Except it’s depressing. Recommend a song for me that lasts about 4 minutes and 45-ish seconds.

Wait a minute. WAIT. A. FREAKING. MINUTE.

I just went to the 100 leg press article and watched the video of the athlete doing it. His 100 reps take two minutes and 45 seconds, but mine are taking 4 minutes and 45 seconds!

The main difference? My reps seem a lot more controlled, and it appears as though I’m using a greater range of motion. Example of my ROM:

This is not a criticism of the athlete in the video, just a revelation that if I want to, I can make these a heck of a lot easier. Maybe I won’t though. My legs are feeling good, knees feel awesome, and I’m enjoying the torture.


A1. Dips: 4 sets of 7 reps
A2. Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns: Enough to feel the muscles

B1. Hammer Strength Chest Press: 6 sets of 10, 8, 5, 5, 8, 10 reps
First set: 90 pounds
Second set: 110 pounds
Third set: 140 pounds
Fourth set: 140 pounds
Fifth set: 110 pounds
Sixth set: 90 pounds

B2. Banded External Rotation Exercise for Shoulders

Compound Set There’s a video of this above somewhere.
C1. Seated Cable Row: 4x10-12
C2. Arnold Press: 4x15-20
C3. Bent-Over Lateral Raise: 4x10

So the thing about training instinctively is that I don’t usually predetermine the reps. I start the exercise and feel it out. I just did the amount that felt sufficiently challenging without completely hitting failure. And that’s why there’s a range of reps here.

My upper body workouts used to be mainly a back day with some other stuff sprinkled in, but because of the chronic painchy pain in my right low trap and scap area, I’m taking it easy on back. Not sure why I feel the need to explain that every time, but there you have it!


Here’s a fun comparison!

2011 vs 2023

A running body that lifts versus a lifting body that walks.



Punching way above your league here…


No doubt.


Nah, I’m lucky he tolerates me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s the win right there! I’d change nothing!

Your hammer strength press game is strong.

Loved the pic comparison. There’s a gent at my gym that knows he’s not getting the results he wants, but talks himself out of taking a real shot at lifting. Would you be ok if I showed him this? I think it’s both pretty awesome evidence and less threatening than pointing out a bunch of young meatheads in the gym.

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Good advice and thank you!

Of course! But to be fair to running, I was doing some silly things with my diet at the time. You’re free to share whatever you like! :raised_hands:

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@Dani_Shugart @ChickenLittle Dear 100 rep team, my back decided it hates me on Thursday morning on the last rep of an RDL. Walking hurts, it’s getting better SLOWLY but, (because I’m choosing to be smart for a change), I am going to withdraw for now. BUT I will be restarting this 100 rep challenge over when my back decides that maybe it doesn’t hate me quite so much. I don’t have a log but needed to tell you guys so I’m not getting credit for something I’m not doing.

And as Arnold said in the Terminator, “I’ll be back.”


Awwww! Hate to hear this. Hope you’re on the mend.


Oh my goodness, yes, take it easy! :heart:

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^it was too good not to share


Aw shucks. :relaxed:

Random Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself trying hard to achieve a goal and then realizing… “Wait. Why do I want this? Is it because it’s popular to want or because achieving it might get me some approval?”

Answering those questions can be a huge eye-opener. And the things people want are somewhat contagious if you look into the idea of mimetic desire (wanting things just because other people want them).

In 2020, I was trying to work my way up to a 300 pound deadlift. I get that this isn’t super impressive, since I weigh around 150. But even just pulling around 240-250 left me feeling like I’d been hit by a truck the next day.

Then I caught Covid, and it seemed to hit my kidneys really hard in particular. Once I recovered from it, my body was extremely weak for over a month. I just couldn’t muster up the desire to aim for a 300 pound deadlift again. Still can’t.

But I started thinking about those questions and it took some pressure off. I had wanted to hit a certain number to feel like I was good enough at lifting weights. I’m not sure whose approval I was after, but aiming for it wasn’t actually making me better at anything else except that one particular lift. And if I had hit that number, I can’t tell you what doors I would’ve expected to open or what secrets to the universe I would’ve learned.

Sure, to be considered strong, you must be able to use a certain percentage of your body weight on certain exercises, but maybe life will turn out okay if I’m not considered strong. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Quitting is a win if the goal doesn’t serve you.


I LOVE ONLYFANS!!! :fire: :fire: