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Daniele Seccarecci, IFBB Pro, Sadly Dead


33 ys old, sadly found dead on the floor of his home in Taranto (Italy) with an head injury.............


Saw this on FB earlier. Always a shame to hear of anyone going so young. Gotta wonder what went down though.









Reported as Heart Attack:


So sad.

A female pro died of a heart attack just days after competing at the Tampa Pro less than a month ago. I don't know if they ever said the heart attack was related to BBing, but it makes me wonder about the extremes some people go to to compete.


Diuretics use puts them at the most risk...which means natural competitors may be at risk also.

Using thermogenics with high blood pressure and other drugs is most likely. The steroids alone are probably the safest drugs a competitor could use.


Meadow's thoughts on FB.

"Random thought for the day:

I HATE diuretics...I really do. What is worse, people are actually PROUD of their post show 30 lb gain over the course of a couple of day diuretic and pig out rebound. At some point these people will realize that the massive electrolyte imbalances this causes can KILL YOU. At the least you are going to suffer major kidney stress and very high blood pressure. I did this a lot when I was younger and dumb and was lucky I didn't give myself kidney failure.

I am hearing another pro bodybuilder passed. Rumors are all over the place so I am not 100%. People are saying he had a post contest electrolyte imbalance that caused cardiac arrhythmia. Just a month or two ago a female bodybuilder passed most likely due to this. Horribly sad.

Please stop bragging about you have gained 30 lbs in 2 days after looking overly dehydrated on stage."


I would say the rebound isn't what should be argued against. By the time you see that, the main damage has already been done.

What would stop this is to stop applauding insane levels of leanness that need the use of diuretics to achieve.


Yea, when I read the first post I guess one of two things occurred:

  1. Heart Attack

  2. Insulin spike resulting in him going hypo and passing out while trying to get to the kitchen to get some food in him to counter it.

Yes, the pro that died after the Tampa was suspected to have died from the use of diuretics (she was incredibly lean at the show). There was a big to do in the bodybuilding community about the extreme risks with the judges wanting competitors leaner and leaner.

I did not know that natural competitors used diuretics, that is surprising to me if true. JM claims to not use them - and I believe him because due to his prior health issues I'm sure he's more careful/aware than most, and he gets damned lean for shows.


I don't think it is. While I'm sure some of the laughable Feds don't bother, the more well known ones test with urinalysis through Quest labs as well as simple polys.



Hell some of them I bet even use slin/gH.


Hey, I can't vouch for everyone -lol



Even if they don't use prescription I'm sure many give OTC and herbal diuretics a try


No doubt, but I don't think too many people are overdosing and seizing up from organ failure due to excessive dandelion root.



Lol I have to agree


Urinalysis won't detect any herbal diuretics and may be shady on some medicational types unless testing specifically for them.


At risk of detailing the entire thread, I don't think herbal diuretics are anyone's real concern. Also, while I don't have the actual paperwork from any of the Wnbf test samples I've given over the years to check at the moment, why would you assume they wouldn't be tested for? Obviously the NPC and Ifbb chose not to, but the whole "look how thorough we are" attitude expressed by most natty Feds would infer as full a battery as possible.

I'm no drug expert, but I'm fairly certain the possible side effects for
Misusing Lasix and misusing dandelion root and asparagus aren't even comparable.



OK, Stu...no one in natural bodybuilding uses any diuretics. NO ONE.

Got it.