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Daniel Tosh, Preachin!


"Being an ugly woman is like being a man--you gotta work."

Just caught his Happy Thoughts tour (on TV, though). Fucking great.


lmfao. Being an ugly woman.....if thats the case then the unemployment rate in my city shouldnt be so high.


x2. It was hilarious.


Oh Tosh.0


...You gotta visit the ATM machine at the bar


Love Tosh. especially the web redemptions.


Holy shit, did that guy just start jerking off his buddy? Thats gonna be awkward when the booze wears off.


That is hilarious.

I keep hearing about his show but I've never seen it.

Opens warez-bb.org to download some episodes


RSGZ - Tosh.O is fuckin hilarious

All he does is make fun of internet videos and memes, but the dude is a funny dude so it works...


He's pretty racist too, but in a funny way.

The web redeption of the wrestling fan who said, "it's still real to me" while he was crying was hilarious.


Best part is when he is bouncing off the rope for like 2 minutes ahah.


I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life when he brought out his "rape wristle".


Another great Tosh standup:

Watch from 8:00 and on.

Louis Katz last night:

"I like to keep talking so she'll have sex with me to shut me up. I call it: filibusting a nut!"


From his Twitter:


Hope this doesn't go all Dave Chappelle. I'd be bummed if Tosh.O had such a short lifespan.


Money? Keep making the show, asshole.

From his stuff, "Money doesn't buy happiness?"


Haha, the whistle was great.


I have never understood the appeal of Tosh.0

-Memes are sometimes 1-2 months old AND
-Awkwardly scripted one liners delivered by douchey looking guy AND
-Canned audience laughter AND
-Filmed on green screen

I can't imagine how awful it would be to see this show in person...are they just sitting there watching him on the green screen with fake laughter played on the loudspeakers? Just...weird....

Apparently his standup is funny though...but i'm too biased against his show to give it a go...


I felt the same way until I watched an episode and laughed my ass off.

I really wish Comedy Central had tried to work the sports show they are doing with Norm MacDonald with Tosh instead. Nothing against Norm, but Tosh would be much better IMO


He actually has a live audience, how he looks matters why?