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Daniel Bell New ATWR Total 1142.5kg / 2517 lbs

Just seen this announcement come in that Malanichev has been dethroned.

Haven’t seen footage yet but Bell has been at or near this level for a while but everything came together nicely for this meet.

Was expecting any other number of lifters to get this but it looks like Daniel Bell is the man to beat now


Absolute monster

Wow that amazing. I’m looking for some clips and can’t find. Have you seen the lifts? We’re they depth?

I’m hoping the lifts are of the highest standard.

Ain’t the deepest squats ever but you can see em for yourself on his Instagram and footage from past Big Dogs where he competed.

This is hearsay but one of guys who was ref for big dogs told me that Bell literally can’t go deeper between his massive legs + calves and squatting in wraps, oly shoes/heels and knees forward. IMO this is no excuse though just because a lifter has a technique that restricts their depth doesn’t mean shit.

I agree. If a lift is set to standards then that’s what we shoot for.

Here it is. It’s pretty legit IMO. If you were mean you could talk about squat depth, short pause bench and fast down command deadlifts but I think this is clean enough

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Squat was much better than what we have seen imo. You can actually see him drop in the hole opposed to never getting close to it like we saw recently.

Bench was a light touch but to me that’s harder than fully resting it on your chest. Different strokes.

Deadlift looked good too. I hate long commands anyways. Once I’m locked out I’ve demonstrated I have the power to lift it. Let’s move on…

All those weights moved very fast for him. Very impressive. And he had full control. Didn’t look like he was fighting with it at all.

Total Monster.

So you want bad judging?

Squat depth looks good from the front, bench came to a full stop on his chest, and deadlift was locked out, so there is really nothing to complain about here. And this is coming from the same guy who was talking shit about half squat Herbie in the other thread.

You get a faster press command if you bring the bar down slow and under control. The rules say that the bar has to be motionless, not held on the chest for a specific amount of time.

Looks like 1100/600/900 would have been possible, al these lifts moved fast.

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Serious head gains! I wonder what his hat size is.

Hahha I thought same thing. Makes his body look small until you realize the guy next to him looks tiny

This is why geared guys generally get a quicker press command.

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Seems like a weird rule for the bar to be motionless, it’ll always be motionless for a split second between the downward and upward movement so touch and go shouldn’t be a problem as long as the judge gives the command

The main thing is the judge has to see the pause then give command. Which when that happens there’s typically a longer pause as they have to see then react. I saw someone recently say they were held there 4 seconds before getting command. Can’t rememeber where I hear do that.

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I just feel like the rule stating it has to be motionless rather than giving a time of motionlessness (is that a word?) leaves a lot of room for interpretation by the judges while something like downward motion or squat depth should be pretty black and white.

I don’t compete in powerlifting though so I guess it’s not my problem to worry about. It just seems like you can gift someone some extra weight with a touch and go command which still fits the definition of being motionless

I’ve heard of judges timing with certain lifters. The person I heard this from was a top powerlifter around here. He said that in a meet a judge held him there a good 2 seconds and a certain lifter there got a touch and go command. This is hear say obviously as I wasn’t there but it kinda points to what you’re saying.

I have seen some nasty benches before that I’m not sure how they got white lighted.

Which strongman does get down commands on deads and overhead pressing movements. Imagine a judge making you hold every rep 2-3 seconds and you comparison holding it for 1 second

Ah that’s a good point with the down commands, especially if you have a few guys who are strong enough to rep out for a full minute.

I feel like I’ve seen a lot of vids where down commands are given as the weight is already falling in overhead events. Wasn’t attentive enough to see if that was the case for everyone though

It happens, and it’s usually related to the lifter’s technique. TD Davis got some real slow press commands at BOB, likely because of how he lets the bar sink into his belly. If the judge isn’t sure the bar has stopped moving then they wont give the command.

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Yeah when I’ve seen it it’s been this. I think of ray Williams. He lets the bar sink what seems like 6 inches into his chest. I thought his commands are kinda slow. Danial bells technique is a much lighter touch

Plenty of less strictly judged federations call the press as fast as possible pretty much a touch and go. Have heard overzealous judges call the press command just before the bar touches chest lol