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You brought up some great points! And I don’t think you’re talking anyone out of them, since nobody visiting my log (except Alex) wants to do them anyway. :joy:

And likewise, I don’t feel the need to talk anyone into them. I don’t make a commission off cold showers, but it’s a topic that gets me fired up because of the things I’ve experienced.

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This is incredible preparation for a high-stress situation. I can see how it’d help you keep your wits and prevent panic. I’m amazed you figured this out.

Beautifully stated.

As much of a fan as I am of cold exposure, I still get the impression that you might be better off without it. Mindset affects so much that surely there’s a different route that gets you the same cognitive benefits.

If you get the chance, check out the video I posted above because it may help you reframe it and grow to like it.

We use “green thumb” too in the USA. I’m not even sure where that term comes from, but it’s pretty weird.

Whoa. The Australian flora and fauna are the absolute coolest. You guys get all the best things: monsteras that grow outdoors, quokkas, koalas, wallabies, wombats, etc. It’s not fair!

And now we may have to go! :star_struck:

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Midlife crisis or midlife calling? That sounds freaking amazing. If my brain tells me to make a sudden dramatic change due to aging, I hope it’s nearly as cool.

I’m betting it looks phenomenal. Sometimes the smallest living spaces end up becoming the most magical little jungles. If your friend ever sends you pics, I’d love to see them!

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Upper Body

I never started that bro-split since lower body sessions seem to be helping that high ham instead of hurting it. My legs are delightfully sore, but not hurting.

So today was an upper body day. And if that high ham continues to heal, I may start doing the 100 unbroken leg presses again prior to all workouts. That was so fun last winter!

T-Bar Row
Lateral Raise
Banded Shoulder External Rotation

Straight Arm Pull-Down
Tricep Pull-Down

Rear-Delt Flye Dropset

Bicep Curl

Speaking of that last exercise, I don’t add an S to the word bicep in this context. Why? Because “bi” already implies that there are two heads in the bicep.

Tons of people disagree with me on this, but hear me out.

There are two wheels on a bicycle, but if I’m riding a bicycle, I’m not going to say that I’m riding a bicycles, yet people do that with the word bicep. They say it’s always biceps, as in “a biceps curl” or whatever, and I completely disagree… unless they want to make it possessive, like the bicep’s curl.

But we don’t say legs extension; we say leg extension. We don’t say pecs deck; we call it the pec deck. We don’t say rear delts destroyer; it’s the rear delt destroyer. You can probably think of other examples.

If you’re doing a quad workout, you likely won’t call it a quads workout. The hamstring curl is not a hamstrings curl.

All of these body parts include more than one head or even muscle, but we keep them singular because that’s how the English language works. Just like a haircut isn’t a hairscut.

This seems like a silly disagreement but I’m an editor in the fitness space. So it’s right up my alley.

And even if the smartest people in the world disagree with me — including the love of my life — I’m stickin’ to this one.

Here’s a tricep extension. There are three heads in each tricep but I don’t care; I’m not adding an s.


My only quibble is that the “s” in “-ceps” isn’t a plural marker. It’s just the way the morpheme looks in Latin. It’s a singular that happens to end in an “s,” and it only happens to look plural because we use “-s” for plurals in English. Just like “cosmos” and “kudos” aren’t plural, “biceps” is just a singular term that happens to look plural.

I’ll point to a master’s in linguistics to back this up. But I’ll also note that I also usually just say “bicep” myself because it sounds better haha.

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In English classes we never learned about Latin morphemes, but since tons of anatomy comes from Latin, you’ve opened up my brain to new possibilities. Then again, bicycle also has latin roots.


Yes! Exactly! It just sounds right, right?

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Situation dependent I reckon, if you’re doing a curl with one arm it’s a bicep curl, if you’re doing curls with both arms you are training your biceps (with a bicep curl) the English language is fun!

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HA! Okay fair, but what do we do about the ham curl machine?

Mine deserve the respect


I’ve got nothing but respect for the bicep muscles of your right and left arms.

(See what I did? No S!)

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If it helps, think about “octopus”: sure, the “octo-” part means “eight,” referring to the feet (“-pous,” same root as “ped”), but nobody wants to call it an “octopu” just because it seems like “octopus” should be plural. “Octopu” just doesn’t look like a viable English word, whereas “bicep” does.

It’s fun to see how different words get reanalyzed when they’re borrowed into a new language. All kinds of weird things happen. I mean, take “octopus”: it’s a shame we don’t talk about “octopodes,” which would probably be the true plural, but then I guess we’d have to go with “bicipites” for the plural of “biceps” haha.

In the realm of language and lifting, maybe you already know this, but it’s fun: the reason we call them “muscles” is because the full original term for the biceps in Latin is “musculus biceps brachii,” or something like “little two-headed mouse of the arm” because a flexed bicep(s) looks like a little mouse (musculus) and the term was just adopted for all muscles from there. Kinda neat!

And my apologies for derailing the thread lol


Not a derail at all! I asked for it! :rofl:

I love your commentary because language is super cool.

So at what point did we decide to remove the S from certain words? Because I feel like for a good amount of time people chopped off that Latin s for a bunch of words. (Glad they kept it for octopus though.) It sounded wrong (even to you!), but now people are brining it back. What’s the deal with that?

Well, clearly I just need to drop the word bicep and say this instead. It’d make every workout more fun.

They own the curl, not the other way around, so I will accept the possessive

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Ah! I love that and may have to steal it.

Also, somewhat off-topic, but don’t you think farmer’s carry looks better than farmers carry?

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Oh! By the way fam, it’s the 21st of September and this is still one of the best songs of all time.

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This is a good question, but I’m not sure I know exactly what you mean without some examples. Are you talking about just words like biceps/triceps or do you have any other examples that you’re thinking of?

In general, I would guess that for a while “biceps” was the prominent form because it was used in an anatomical sense, and then when it became more of a genpop term in lifting circles it would have shortened to “bicep” because that sounds more natural, and then lately with an increased interest in exercise science and medical terminology (and the desire to be pedantic, which is sempiternal), you get people bringing the “s” back.

A look at Google Books Ngram shows “biceps” having a heyday between 1860 and 1920. “bicep” isn’t attested until the early 1980s, when both it and “biceps” start to become way more popular in books, but it’s impossible to tell if those “biceps” usages are singular or plural without actually looking at the data. And that’s just from book sources, which probably doesn’t give us a super clear picture of the real usage.

But I agree, “little two-headed mouse” is the superior term; and in fact, all muscles should have their names replaced with animals, I think. Would be a lot more fun to go train my arm-bears and calf-lions or something haha


Something we can all get behind! HAHA

I always thought it was biceps because there are 2 arms, and thus 2 biceps, no? And 99.9 times out of 100 you are working both arms in a session, even if you do them one at a time

Although as I think about it I use and hear “bicep curls”, maybe it’s a regional thing?


Yay! We’re on the same page with that particular context. Like, “the best thing you can do for your biceps is curl.”

But when used in front of an exercise, I’m always going to say “bicep curl” because it sounds so much better.

:dart: Same!