Dani Chats: Fitness, Rants, Hobbies

Friday’s workout didn’t get logged. That day and the whole weekend was a nonstop whirlwind of working, cleaning up after the contractor, assembling an IKEA closet, shipping mauve/pink dresses back for a return or exchange, and taking back unused tile and other supplies to various stores.

Friday was full-ish body though: leg press, chest press, hammy stuff, shoulders, glutes.

I finally have an appointment with a highly recommended deep tissue massage therapist.

And I thought I found THE perfect dress. Bride-approved, and even my mom approved too. But there’s one problem nobody else seems to care about but me. It’s SO pale pink that it looks almost white. And at an evening wedding, if pictures are taken (they will be), I’m going to look like the fool who wore white to someone else’s wedding.

I’d post the dress here, but I feel like I’ve already used up my quota of acceptable posts about dresses in a workout log.

Today’s gym session wasn’t a workout

Abs, mobility work, Pso-Rite stretching to loosen up my hip flexors.

Tomorrow I’ll crush it, but today I had to recover from assembling six, 7-foot tall “Pax” units.

Here’s me sun-burning my face off.