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How Do You Know When to Deload?

Some people just plan for it and I’m starting to think they’re right.

On Friday my workout was hilariously bad. I hit failure on dips somewhere between reps 2 and 3, which is unusual since that’s one of my best bodyweight exercises. So I took it as a sign to deload. Everything has been aching anyway (sign 2), so it’ll be good to take some time off. I don’t even want to lift lightly. I just want to not be in the gym for about a week. And that’s probably sign number 3 of needing a deload.

The cool thing is, when you’re not spending energy on workouts, you start itching to use it elsewhere, like assembling crap.

So that’s one thing I did over the weekend.

Kipper inspected everything with a quick sniff-test and then gave me the green light to proceed.

He takes this job very seriously.

I still have a little bathroom storage cabinet thing to put together. But this office chair is great. It spins around and doesn’t leave wheel marks in your carpeted home office.

Also, Wayfair has already begun their Black Friday sale.

Also, remember a while back when the biggest conspiracy theory was that Wayfair was selling children? (I forgot about that before buying my stuff.)

Also, what’s the craziest conspiracy you didn’t believe at first, but now you’re all in on? I have one. It rhymes with caked loon manding.


When performance drops or when life kind of just happens… I don’t plan them, I fall into them.

-The CIA trying to ingite the upper atmosphere into an eternal fire. (nuclear physicists said the math checks out that if you nuke the upper atmosphere it will ignite and stay self igniting indefinitely. They nuked it anyways, didn’t work),
-Chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay. (technically it transexual’ed them)
-The CIA using covert ops to gather a DNA database for non-consenting participants. (they used this in Pakistan to track Bin Laden, under the guise of “vaccinations”)
-Operation Northwoods
-Moon Landing (I’m 50/50 here)
-Stellar Winds/Edward Snowden
-Planned Parenthood selling baby “parts” for profit.
-CIA/FBI selling crack to the inner city for dark money funding.
-CIA protecting poppy fields in the middle east during Enduring Freedom to generate more dark money funding.
-Gavin Newsom being Pelosi’s nephew.
-9/11 attacks being an inside job
-Deep state forcing new senators/congressmen/governors/etc to do “things” with minors so they can be compromised and swayed to vote in a certain manner.

I’m sure theres more, but that should get the ball rolling :joy:

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That’s usually what I do too, but I’m starting to wonder if my revolving door of injuries, as QuadQueen put it, might rotate a little more slowly if I take planned breaks.

Ok most of these are over my head (except 9/11 and Newsom), but very little would surprise me anymore.

You kinda start out as being resistant to an idea at first. Then you start to see the evidence for it, and that’s when you get shocked by it. You start accepting the possibility of other things. The CIA’s involvement with the JFK assassination was the thing that really got my wheels turning.

The Oklahoma city bombing was another one. Not sure if you’ve heard of Sgt. Terrance Yeakey who saved several people the day of the bombing. His story really opened my eyes.

Gotta run! Hair appt! Great to chat with you!

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Snow looks amazing but also so cold. Brrrrrrrr

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It luckily wasn’t too bad. The temps warmed up by the afternoon. But January, February, and March are the coldest here. They are why I need a garden of eden in my house. haha

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Full Body

First workout after a week off. My joints feel good, but the hip area is still giving me warning signs.

Leg Press: Super high rep warm-up, then 3 x 15, 8, 8

I don’t trust my right hip flexor to not get crazy tight again. So I didn’t go anywhere close to failure, just did some slow controlled, full ROM reps, and kept the weight at 140.

T-Bar Row: 10, 8, 5, 5, 3, 10

I worked up to 70 pounds for 5 reps, then added another 5-pound plate and (just barely) eked out 3 reps.

I added a back-off set of 10 with just the 45. Lifting for some reason feels ineffective if I’m not getting a pump and a great mind-muscle connection with some higher rep ranges.

Arnold Press: 4 x 12, 10, 8

I’ve been using a dead-stop at the bottom of these, and for some reason it gives me a killer mind muscle connection with the delts.

Bent-Over Lateral Raise: 3 x 12

Chest Press: 5 x 5

Played around with a dead stop on the first set of these too. Used as much weight for this as I did for leg press. :neutral_face:

Biopsy Results

If skin cancer runs in your fam, this is your obnoxious reminder to go get your skin checked.

My tiny mole turned out weird and they have to cut it out later this month. It’s called a moderately dysplastic nevus.

The surprising thing is how inconspicuous this thing was. I have some huge ugly moles that I thought for sure would need to be biopsied, but those were fine. So sometimes you never know what’s going to turn out to be the potentially bad thing.

Peanut Butter & Banana Muffin Recipe

Want some muffins? Try these! I’ve made about two million muffins to get this right.

This isn’t a low carb recipe, but it’s low carb compared to most muffins. This isn’t a super high protein recipe, but it’s high protein compared to most muffins. So if your goal is to change that ratio, have one or two of these alongside a plate of scrambled eggs or as a dessert after a high-protein dinner.

I had a couple before working out this morning.

3 ripe, small bananas
1 cup MD, vanilla
1 cup PB2
1 cup baking Splenda
1 cup of water
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mash the bananas into a lumpy sludge.
  3. Add all other ingredients.
  4. Mix until it’s a batter.
  5. Spray a muffin tin or silicone muffin cups with coconut spray.
  6. Add to 10 muffin cups.
  7. Bake for about 20 minutes depending on your oven, elevation, and how much batter made it into each muffin cup.

Calories and macros per muffin:

• Calories 112
• Protein 11g
• Carbs 14g
• Fat 1g

These macros and calories are not precise because banana sizes vary. If you only have large bananas on hand, just use two. If you only have small ones go with three. Medium? Err on the side of more. Don’t stress about it too much because this recipe’s hard to mess up.


Dude you gotta take a break from some of those podcasts…

Moon landing definitely happened. It’s really not that hard to get there if you can hit escape velocity.

JFK assassination is definitely a conspiracy.

Some I think are true
MK Ultra is an ongoing thing.
The Philadelphia Experiment (Google it) definitely happened.
The Dyatlov Pass incident was definitely a cover up by Russia.

Toothpaste and brushing is pointless.


Is this really a conspiracy?
I thought there was pretty good evidence that this is true

A very well respected prof at CMU believe in the JFK thing.
There was an awkward moment in lab meeting when a grad student pitched an idea for a project developing interventions for debiasing conspiracy theories and used JFK assassination as an example.
The prof immediately said “that’s not a conspiracy”

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That’s what I thought too! And when I saw this video, I dismissed it as, “well looks like Buzz Aldrin just got old and senile.”

But then I saw/heard some other stuff that – coupled with the video above – made me more skeptical about it ever happening.

WHAT? You think so?! The others you listed, I’ve never heard of and actually kinda don’t want to know! :see_no_evil:

So have you two stopped brushing your teeth?

I haven’t stopped brushing, but I have stopped being religious about brushing for 2min and sometimes delayed getting toothpaste after a tube runs out (mostly out of laziness though)

From what I understand, Brushing is somewhat like hand washing in that most of the benefit comes from the physical action of scraping shite off. It shouldn’t take 2 min to do that, esp if you also floss.

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Ok I can see where you’re coming from with that. Also, fluoride is terrible! Can we call that a conspiracy since dentists keep pushing it?

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I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m saying that Russia beat us for the first 8-9 milestones in the space race, then we come in out of nowhere and pull off the hardest feat of them all AND livestream it?

It’s REAL convenient is all I’m saying.

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No, haven’t stopped but there is a lot of evidence that it doesn’t matter.

@anna_5588 you’re into Russian history. If you haven’t heard of the Dyatlov Pass incident I definitely suggest looking it up. “Astonishing Legends” podcast has a great series on it from a few years back.

I know enough and have seen enough about the Apollo program and the tech used that it would have actually been harder to properly fake the landing than actually go. Hard one for me to get behind knowing what I do.

A few more:

  1. Many cryptids really do exist: Bigfoot/Yeti, skinwalkers, wendigos, mothman, the Van Meter Visitor - likely all real. The only one I don’t think is real is Nessie. That’s just tourism.
  2. I am halfway to believing a group like the Illuminati exists, buts it’s probably more in our face then we realize.
  3. UAPs (formerly UFOs) and aliens are definitely real and have visited earth.

Russia’s space program really stalled out after those first successes due to both failures and lack of money. US pumped so much money into it they were able to pull ahead. Russias space program has a really horrendous accident record.


So did ours, literally until we landed on the moon.

That’s why it’s hella suspect.

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You underestimate soviet incompetence and corruption


I think you underestimate our own tbh

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Not even close comparatively. After Apollo 1 the whole program almost got scrapped.

Might have been fake, but I watched a video with a camera/film expert who said we literally didn’t have the camera tech to fake it then (he was working in the late 60s/70s).

I am 100% sure the men in black do some really scary secretive crap though.

Oh and Skinwalker ranch is one of the wierdest places on the planet. More paranormal than conspiratorial but the government stilll has classified a lot of the work Robert Bigelow’s company did. there.


My UFO conspiracy theory is that most “UFOs” are really just military experiments of new tech

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