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Dangers of Using Steroids After Kidneys Shut Down?

I had a car accident 12 years ago. During recovery my kidneys shut down and I was on dialysis for 2 weeks until my kidneys recovered. I’d like to do a cycle but I’m obviously worried about my kidneys. Any suggestions on a cycle?. My kidneys work completely normal again. Just looking to put on 15lbs to 20lbs.

What are your stats?
What exactly did you eat yesterday?

This is either easily achievable or a shitload of work.

How old are you?

53 years old

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are you already on trt?

No I’m not on anything right now

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what do your training and nutrition currently look like?

4 day split. 2,500 calories a day.

I eat well and train my ass off.lol

I’m 160lbs right now at about 10% body fat.

Was 217lbs before car accident. Into powerlifting before. Just struggling with injuries right now.


What your doctor said about it ?

obviously he would advise against it. Shit I would.

Should I have my kidneys tested?
Again I’d say yes.

I’m just checking here

A light cycle now. Maybe another a year later or TRT.

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I would need more info as @Andrewgen_Receptors suggested. A faceless photo helps a ton to evaluate your existing condition and potential for gains/growth. Height / weight? years lifting? Current training regimen? Current nutrition plan, very detailed please. What do you eat specifically along with what macros and calories. If you don’t know all these things then you don’t need to cycle. These things alone will help you with your goals and may be all you need.

Assuming you reply with adequate info, I doubt anybody will suggest anything but a test solo cycle. It should be enough and if it were me I would just head straight to a TRT doc at your age. Most clinics will legally bump your test to top of range permanently which is PLENTY of assistance. Plus, you hold on to all your gains.