Dangers of Overtraing

Is it universally accepted that you need 48 hours inbetween workouts for a body part?

Because I have also read that some experts say that is just untrue.

If I were to work out my chest and quads every day, even if only for a little bit, would they just not grow as fast as if I would have taken a day off inbetween?

depends on if your thrashing the body part each time. if your doing multiple muscle specific hypertrophy exercises at a high intensity 48hrs would be the absolute minimum especially for larger groups. But if your not failing on each set and hitting your max effort each time, you can hit a muscle more often (full body training vs traditional splits) in both cases however the better the rest, the better you grow.

Depending on how hard you exercise you can train with more frequency. You can do a very light workout every 12 hours. The trouble is that, although you will build conditioning and endurance, you will not achieve overload and therefore no adaptation and no growth in size or strength.

Listen to your body, not the clock.

[quote]undeadlift wrote:
Listen to your body, not the clock.[/quote]

I have found this advice to be helpful. Although on some days I really don’t want to do squats, I end up adding weight to the bar despite what my ‘body’ is telling me. Mind over matter. Mind over body.